FRIENDSHIP – One of Three Core Values at Ladybug Junction Farm

Ladybug Junction Farm

“Where ANIMALS and KIDS come together in FRIENDSHIP

through READING, LEARNING and the LOVE of BOOKS!”


You see there is a small animal sanctuary, educational center and reading barn that keeps flashing through my mind.  I can see it! Sometimes it feels so real, I almost think we are there! You know, kind of like those virtual reality glasses that are trending now days?

I don’t really  need those glasses though, because I have a very vivid imagination and a brain that can envision it all!


I can see it NOW!


I see the home we will be residing in…the educational center…and the soon to be famous Reading Barn!

I can see the goats frolicking and playing little goat games.

I see little horses grazing with the herd in the fields.

I can picture cows, sheep and maybe a llama or two!!!

As I sit here I can envision our farm coming to life!  I can SEE the animals interacting with children and adults!  I can HEAR the positive stories of the animals and how they want to engage in “FRIENDSHIP” with trustworthy humans.   I can FEEL the excitement of the children as they READ a favorite book from the barn library to one of the animals who is willing to listen. Yes, I can SEE, HEAR and FEEL it all!

Then I awaken from my daydreaming and come back to the present moment and I am more eager than ever to take the steps…one step…each day…towards making this “dream” a reality!

Why Focus on FRIENDSHIP?

Because being friends is so much more than just a “knowing” about a horse…a cow…a sheep…a goat. FRIENDSHIP implies more.


True FRIENDS don’t hurt FRIENDS.  They look out for one another!

This is just one small way of creating a world where KINDNESS reigns and every living being is RESPECTED for WHO HE IS!

There are two other Core Values at Ladybug Junction Farm

Next time, we will be talking about EDUCATION and why we consider that a vital and core value at the farm in everything we do!



New Kid’s Focus at Ladybug Junction Farm

by Mindy Kaleta on March 26, 2017

The Puppy Scents Project

Be Kind – Be Fit – Be Me

What is the Puppy Scents Project?

The Kids’ Guide to Puppy Care, Puppy Scents is not only informative about how to care for and train your puppy, but has a much broader purpose.  Using the concepts of the little pup Roc’s story brings awareness to children and adults alike as to the importance of three major issues in our world today – Be Kind, Be Fit, Be Me.

Be Kind

Puppy Scents is written from the pup’s point of view. When we take the time to listen to another’s point of view, we learn so much.  It changes the way we react, what we say and how we feel.  Understanding and respect for another’s point of view, allows us to create loving and forever friendships; while encouraging  us to Be Kind and Compassionate to others, animals, nature and ourselves.

Be Fit

Throughout the book Puppy Scents, the little pup Roc is obsessed with treats!!  “I love treats! Did I tell you that I love treats? Oh, I know you know, but I’m gonna tell you anyway, I LOVE TREATS!!”

But too many treats and not enough outdoor play and exercise can be a problem for kids and pups! Roc does admit,

“I guess the bottom line is pups need plenty of good food and exercise.”

The Puppy Scents Project encourages children to create a friendship with a furry pal and for the sake of themselves and their pet to get outdoors and play as much as possible. It’s always more fun when you have a pal to join in!

Be Me

Roc is who he is.  He’s a puppy and puppies do have some pretty annoying habits that may not be tolerated well or encouraged by the human members of the family. Roc soon learns that boundaries are sometimes necessary in life, but that doesn’t have to change who he is!  Roc says: “I am who I am and I can Be Me,” without giving up what makes him special.  He says:

“I’m a pup and proud of it!”

Roc wants kid to know that as long as they are not intentionally hurting anyone else in the process, they have a right to be who they are!

Our Mission

Teaching kids to Be Kind, Be Fit, Be Me through outdoor play while creating forever friendships between kids and pets.


a boy and his dog

Our Vision

For every child to have and experience the joy of pet animal friendships through outdoor play and exploring nature.

The Puppy Scents Project is based on the book Puppy-Scents, The Kids’ Guide to Puppy Care 


Puppy Scents wants to help families understand their pup’s point of view, give support, encouragement and training to puppy parents and kids to create a loving bond with their dog so they don’t give up when puppy issues arise.

The Puppy Scents Project will be an intricate part of Ladybug Junction Farm with classes available for kids (ages 6-12) and their pups (ages 2-6 months).

Until then, get YOUR COPY of PUPPY SCENTS!   CLICK HERE! (free shipping!)


Live Your Dream…always!

by Mindy Kaleta on March 19, 2017


Since my last post, we’ve been getting questions about where our Ladybug Junction Farm is located and/or when it will be open.

Let us clarify. We too are super excited about Ladybug Junction Farm…BUT… we are not quite ready to be “open for business” so to speak!

I know!  It’s tough to hold back our enthusiasm too!

But…let me assure you…we are working diligently to bring it to fruition in real life!

To be honest…this dream has been going on for quite some time now!  

Don and I are both in love with this farm dream and it just won’t let go of us!

It’s a big undertaking!  I mean…seriously!!!  Think about it.

First – we need and want to be solid and secure before launching something with other lives at stake.  The last thing we wish to do it to start this venture without appropriate items in place or funds to support whatever may come up on the farm or for the animal family members we adopt.

We are looking into applying and acquiring a 501c3 designation, writing up a business plan and other legal and funding considerations.

Second – to make this a reality, of course we will need to acquire the right property area and zoning to accommodate the needs of the type of farm we offer.  We are also planning on being on-sight founders and want to get settled in before we start adding to our new animal family.

Third –   running a farm such as this requires an entrepreneurial spirit!  Don and I certainly do possess that! Mindy has been an entrepreneur for 20+ years and looking forward to using her talents, skills and expertise to run the farm, care for the animals and overseeing the activities and events.

Don’s background in building maintenance and working for AT&T for 36 years brings solid expertise in acquiring, building and maintaining our farm property and projects.

As we speak, we are gathering our team of advisers and partners to assist us!


The truth is…

…for years…our farm dreams have been hanging in the background of our minds. I am a Life Coach,  Author and Publisher (Kaleta Publishing, LLC); offering programs, assistance, coaching and mentoring…with a lot of computer windshield time.

Instead, what my heart wanted more than anything was to move to the country, engage with animals,

promote a love for reading and books, writing and publishing…especially when it comes to children.

Our focus for the farm is two-fold. Children’s Literacy and Animal Advocacy. 

We dream of the day we have our beautiful farm up and running while bus loads of kids come to engage and learn more about the animals. But more than that…to find the JOY of READING at THE READING BARN!  The farm will also include the Farm Gift and Book Store where the farm animal’s new story BOOKS will be available!

Ladybug Junction Farm…

Where kids and animals come together in friendship

through READING, LEARNING and the POWER of  BOOKS!

What better way than a beautiful natural farm setting where kids and animals

can meet up, interact and become Best Friends Furever!


Maybe read a BOOK or two!


Do you have a dream that will NOT let go of YOU?  Listen to your heart!  Don’t waste another day NOT living your DREAM!

More to come as we continue this journey!  We hope you will follow along and SIGN UP to receive updates as they become available!

(CLICK HERE to sign up so you won’t miss a thing!)


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Update on Ladybug Junction Farm

by Mindy Kaleta on March 1, 2017

Just a shout out to those who are eagerly waiting for Ladybug Junction Farm!

Lots to do before that happens!  We had no idea! 🙂

We are looking into the legal aspects of the farm, where we can build and what our farm will ultimately be for you!  Thus a lot of refining and adjusting as we sift and sort through our dreams to make it all that we ever wanted it to be!

What we do know right now, is there will be

  • Activities Just 4 Kids

  • Animal Connection with Animal Assisted Activities

  • Adult classes & workshops for Well-Being

  • and of course a very important part of the farm will be the Reading Barn & Bookstore!  The Reading Barn is where you can read to the animals, browse the bookstore/gift shop and take home a souvenir!

We are getting more and more excited by the day as we go through the necessary pieces and parts of the farm and how to prepare for you to come on over for a visit, take a class or just relax on one of the open barn days.

Thanks for your patience and we will do our best to keep you updated as we move forward! ~ Mindy & Don Kaleta

Just livin’ the dream!

by Mindy Kaleta on December 18, 2016

Your Life is NOW!!!Just livin’ the dream! Ahhh…wouldn’t that feel good!  

Living your dream life is not for the faint of heart.  It takes guts! 

As we near the end of 2016…it’s natural to start thinking about how we want things to be different in 2017.

When you are super focused on what you want and you are crystal clear about your intentions and actions, it can be a bit daunting not only for you, but for those who know and love you.

I mean, seriously! The day you wake up and decide to live your life on purpose and allow all good things to come into your life, you won’t be the same person you were yesterday!

That can be scary for you and those closest to you!

Your family and friends may want you to “take it down a notch!”

You may not know what to do with that attitude because after all, you are just so dang happy and excited about your life!

Well, you just never mind what the “peanut gallery” is saying or doing!

Don’t let their lack of understanding or negativity affect who you are and who you are becoming.  Just keep going!

Let me share with you something on a personal level:

I’ve always wanted to write a book about my life, the struggles and the successes along my journey.

My intention in writing this book is that it would be of inspiration to others going through the same experiences.

I fretted over what I would say, how I would say it, and what the response would be.

I’d heard about authors and how at times the words just flowed and at other times, there seemed to be a block.

Well, I was blocked for quite awhile.

Maybe it was because I had so many issues, fears or inner work to take care of that to open myself up to others would have been extremely painful; to me as well as the reader!

And then one day…my story began to flow onto my computer screen!

I had begun to…

  • Honor myself with the message I wanted to tell
  • Listen to what I knew in my heart to be true
  • Taking action to take my readers through the challenges I had experienced and what I did to overcome them
  • See that my dream of actually publishing a book in print could actually be a reality!

I researched, studied, took classes, spent mega bucks to learn how to pull this whole thing off and it finally all came together!

Many hours, lost sleep, and way too much energy than I could afford to expend…went into this book!

Previously, I had published an ebook guide for new puppy parents, entitled Surviving the Puppy Stage, How to Get Inside Your Dog’s Mind Without Losing Your Own! and published my husband’s children’s book, Puppy Scents, The Kids’ Guide to Puppy Care (hardcopy), but this book was different. 

This book was my heart and soul!

It was a very painful topic for me… “trying to please”…one that has caused me much stress, pain and confusion throughout my life.

I now know, from talking with others and reading what others have to say about this trait, it touches more lives than we care to admit.


Finally the day came!

My book was published and launched on in June of 2015!

This is my book, if you haven’t seen it yet! You can take a closer look HERE!


Mindy Kaleta Book Cover - r3 ebook (1)

Do you have a book inside of you that is begging to get out?

Is there an idea for a book that you can’t stop thinking about?

Are you fearful that you:

  • don’t know where to start?
  • you don’t have the confidence to keep going?
  • fear that you don’t know…what you don’t know… to get it done?


I had those same fears!  But now I know how to help you as I have help others through this process from idea to the finish line!

I’ll get you started, provide you with a DIY program if you are the type who likes to work at their own pace. Or your can choose to be a VIP client and I can privately coach you through the entire process, show you each step along the way & take care of all the techy stuff  (the stuff that makes your eyes glaze over…yeah, that stuff!) so you can relax and write your book!


Yes, 2017 can be the year that you allow ALL  your dreams to become a reality!

And here’s how!

You begin practicing what you want in your life now! See yourself as:

  • a published author
  • financially independent and abundant
  • the partner you wish to attract
  • loving the house you are in while you are looking for the house of your dreams
  • in the job, career or business that you love
  • an awesome parent
  • stepping out of the corporate position or job to start a business of your own
  • or whatever it is that you wish for!

Don and I are committed to moving forward in our plans for Ladybug Junction Farm, an Educational, Healing, Resource & Event Center – where we bring people and animals together to tell a NEW story.


Kaleta Publishing is playing a major role in this new venture;

for the animals we adopt in publishing their stories for children and

in assisting writers to easily and simply self-publish with CreateSpace & Kindle for



Writing, building and publishing your own book is a major undertaking IF you’re going it alone; But you don’t have to!

We are here to answer all your questions, help you navigate through the process and get you over the finish line!

May 2017 bring all that you wish for and the life you really want to be living!

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Don & Mindy Kaleta

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