We are so happy you stopped by! If this is your first time to Ladybug Junction Farm welcome!

If this is a return trip, welcome back!  Either way, we hope your visit brings you friendship, smiles, laughter and joy!

Hello! We are Don & Mindy Kaleta, co-founders/directors of Ladybug Junction Farm. 

We aren’t there just yet, but we are excited for all opportunities, re-creation, learning and empowerment the farm will provide.






The Big Red Reading Barn:  Being the owners of a small publishing company, Kaleta Publishing, LLC, Mindy & Don are passionate about children having a love of reading. Reading means kids are learning and the application of knowledge is power. Reading with animals in the atmosphere of the great outdoors at Ladybug Junction Farm in “The Big Red Reading Barn” will motivate children to see reading as a fun activity without the embarrassment or fear of reading errors. Animals love being with the kids and are oblivious of any reading mistakes. Reading with animals is one of the best ways to increase confidence and the love of reading & books!  [Learn More About The Big Red Reading Barn/Visits]

But the Big Red Reading Barn & Educational Event Center is MORE THAN THIS!


 It’s about uplifting, inspiring, enriching & empowering

not just men, women… but children and animals too.

It’s time to bring kindness, compassion and love

to the planet and to our everyday lives.


Ladybug Junction Farm is a safe place to

Speak Your Truth, Tell Your Story


Be the change for a brighter tomorrow…beginning NOW!