3 Things You Must Do Daily to Experience Ease and Flow

by Mindy Kaleta on January 13, 2015


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3 Things You Must Do Daily to Experience Ease and Flow

Ease and Flow…ahhhh!   Yes!  Don’t we all want that!

But for most of us, “ease and flow” just doesn’t seem to be a part of our daily practice.  Also, there is a very strong stigma against “ease and flow” for most people, especially women, that says, ‘Who am I to expect “ease and flow” when there are many responsibilities and tasks that need to be done on a daily basis!”  And as the new saying goes, “Nobody’s got time for dat!”

But guess what!?  We all know that we need to take some much-needed time out for ourselves. We know that running at lightning speed for too long will eventually lead to burnout. And once the burnout sets in, it’s really tough to get back on track.

Do you realize that the more we run ourselves ragged, the less available we are to help others, the more irritable and angry we become and the further we stray from being who we really are? Busyness causes us to live our lives in total chaos. We are so tired we can’t even think straight. But somehow we are still believing the lie that “hard work equals success”.  When in reality,

“The better you feel, the more you allow” – Abraham-Hicks

And the more we allow into our lives when we are feeling good, is all the good stuff that our soul is yearning for!  Don’t you see?  Nothing  good comes from feeling overwhelmed, over-worked and under appreciated. The real truth is “Nobody’s got time for dat!”

 But what if we could just take a moment…right here and now…and consider starting a practice for your daily routine that will reflect “ease and flow” in your life?

It’s just three things, easy things, “don’t take too long things” and it will make a world of difference in how we approach, see, and manage our day.

#1 Thing:

First 5 mins of your day for Appreciation.  For the first 5 mins after you awaken, before you rub your sleepy eyes and throw back the covers to crawl to the shower…before all that…just for 5 mins, lie in bed with your eyes closed and take a moment to focus on this one thing:

  • Appreciation. Say “thank you” for this brand new day, appreciate your bedding, the warmth that it gives, the roof over your head, the people in your life, your career or job, for the privilege of waking up and the opportunities the day holds.
  • Then set the intention to align all that you do today = with what brings you joy.  Even if you have to go, do or be something that is not yet aligned with what brings you joy, find something about each task or commitment that will bring you joy just for today. There is something hiding there, or you wouldn’t be doing it in the first place. It may be small, but it’s serving you in some way.

#2 Thing:

Take time to go outside:

  • No matter what the weather, go outside and breathe deeply. Look around. Appreciate all that this big, wonderful blue planet has to offer each and every one of us!  Notice the ease and flow in nature. Notice how the sun comes up every day and the moon and stars come out at night. Notice the beauty of your surroundings and know that all is well and everything is going to be okay.
  • Make it a concerted effort to revel in the magnificence of our earthly home and each day notice something new that you’ve never noticed before.  A tree, the birds singing, how the grass is growing, the fresh fallen snow or the wind across your face.  It doesn’t matter your status in life or where you live, going outside, you can find something to appreciate from our lovely earth.

#3 Thing:

Declare partnership with Source:

  • Make a conscious statement every day to look up to the sky and state out loud and acknowledge that there is a Source of all that is focused right AT YOU!  That Source is guiding you, loving you, keeping as It’s object of attention.  Just know that you are loved beyond measure. That you are seen, heard and that you matter.
  • Then say out loud that no matter where you are going, what you are doing, that you can’t get it wrong, because you are being guided, loved, nudged and inspired with every step, every decision, every interaction and every word that comes from your lips. Know today and every day that you are supported.

Up to now, we have practiced sometimes complaining, whining, focusing on what we don’t have, saying the words that support our belief that “we don’t get what we want unless we strive or push or work hard for it; or one of the most detrimental practices, put our attention on it!”  Remember what we focus on or put attention to get’s bigger!

But when we move our focus:

  • to meditate,
  • to appreciate
  • to acknowledge

…there comes a shift!  

I challenge you to try it for yourself!  Take out a pen and paper or print this blog post off and set alarms on your smart phone to set aside time for the above 3 things:

  • First thing in the morning
  • At lunchtime or mid-day 
  • In the early evening at dusk or when the stars and moon are shining brightly

…whatever works for you. But make sure you take the time for these three things.  I’m guessing that you will not want to stop! 

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