Are You Ready To Build the Life That You Crave?

by Mindy Kaleta on March 17, 2014

The Role of a Life Coach with website

Are You Ready To Build the Life that You Crave?


Are you worried about a career or job, a relationship or a health issue?  Do you have dreams that seem to be just beyond your reach?  Would you like to leave a job that you hate and work from home to be able to be with your kids?   Or maybe you’ve always had your heart set on moving across the globe and experiencing a new culture for a bit?  Trying to deal with any of these things all by yourself can lead to a multitude of days and nights spent in frustration, fear, anger and feeling like your dreams will never come true.  Reaching out to a trusted friend, colleague or professional can lighten the load.

Sorting through emotional baggage can be daunting and may require the help of a psychologist.  But if you are in a position where you have gotten through the tough stuff and are ready and excited to move forward in your life, you know you could do this if you just had some emotional support; someone to remind you of what you say you want and keep you accountable to stay on track, then a Life Coach may be just your golden ticket!

What Can Hiring a Coach Do For You?

If you are ready to work co-actively alongside your coach to:

  • Find the answers that you already have deep inside but cannot bring them to the surface
  • Discover what you value and what your core needs are
  • Create a plan to achieve the life that you’ve always wanted and follow the steps to get there
  • Be willing to brainstorm and try new things
  • Make some positive changes in your life
  • Look beyond the here and now to expand your views and work around and through your limitations
  • Find your direction
  • Discover your brilliance and get re-acquainted with who you really are
  • Stay on track and be willing to be coachable

THEN…coaching can be the turning point in your life!

Coaching is one of those things where you have already decided that you DO want to get to the next level.  Maybe you are stuck.  You know that there is so much more that you could be doing and being, but you just don’t know how to get there!

Having a coach, who is definitely in YOUR corner…who keeps you on track…reminds you of your brilliance and keeps you accountable…is how you GET to that next level, PLAN the life that works for YOU and ACHIEVE the goals you have set for yourself!

Working with a coach is a safe place.  This is where you are free to be undeniably YOU.  A place to lay it all out, sort through the pieces of your life, decide what is working and what is not, and setting goals based on how you want your life to look and feel. You get to CHOOSE what, how, when, where and to set up a plan that works for you and how you are wired.

There’s no ONE WAY to live a life.  Every person has the God-given right to Create and BUILD the Life That They Crave!  So, what are you craving?  What does it look like, feel like, taste like, smell like?  How do you want to spend your days, your nights, your life?


If you are ready to say YES! to Building the Life That You Crave and can see yourself living that life in the very near future, let’s do this thing! Sign up today and let’s get started! Click Here to Register! 

Your Life is NOW!



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