Are You Sacrificing Yourself for Others?

by Mindy Kaleta on June 25, 2015

Never sacrifice yourself for others by

Yesterday morning I saw a beautiful post that went something like this:

I have a good heart

I help, trust, give and love too much

And it always seems I hurt the most.


That was the jest of it, and while it was beautifully portrayed in an image and I believe that in and of itself it’s true…I also believe there’s something happening beneath the surface.


This is a true statement for a lot of people (and I include myself in this) because in helping, trusting, giving or loving…there is the expectation of getting something in return. And when it doesn’t come, we seem to absorb the devastation that perhaps, “they don’t feel the same about me” thing and deeply feel the hurt.


But that is just our perception of what’s going on. Yes, it would be nice to have an immediate “thank you”… a pat on the back … or a just knowing that we are appreciated! But there is no guarantee that it will come for a host of possible reasons. And most of the time, those reasons have nothing to do with us or who we are, or what we are doing! It’s all about their perception, their mood and what’s going on in their life at any given moment. We really think too deeply into these things at times, don’t we?


Expecting others to behave in a way that pleases you, is really asking the impossible! There are too many variables. They may be having a rotten day, they stubbed their toe this morning, someone didn’t say “thanks” to them when they wanted them to…or a whole host of other reasons. We have no control over what is going on with anyone else. We give away our power for happiness when we depend on the behavior of others to be as we need for us to have a good day, a good week or a good life.


Help, trust, give and love,..but do it because you want to…without expecting anything in return. When you are aligned with who you are and are secure in what you want and where you’re going without conditions…everything falls into place.


And when that happens…others start approaching you differently. They help you back, they trust you, they give to you, they love you. And if they don’t for some reason or another…it may be that the relationship has run its course or that they just weren’t in a place where a connection could be made at the time.


But never sacrifice your willingness to be who YOU are to retrieve them!! Be the magnificent person you were born to be and are right here…right now without wanting, wishing or expecting others to be different.


Give and love from the heart… and those who are in a place to receive that love will respond because they resonate with you! They really see you! And the feeling is mutual. It’s a wonderful thing! And the hurts that you used to feel so deeply…with people who were not really in control of their emotions, will start to fade away!


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