Are You Settling For Less Than You Deserve?

by Mindy Kaleta on September 16, 2014


 Are You Settling For Less Than You

Are You Settling For Less Than You Deserve?

Settling…it’s uncomfortable, it makes you feel like a failure, it’s down-right deflating!

Recently we sold our house and had high hopes of moving into our dream home. That didn’t quite happen. In fact, due to circumstances beyond our control, we ended up buying a nice house, but certainly not what we were hoping for.  Maybe it was the timing (maybe this house IS perfect as a stepping stone to our ultimate dream home) and that all will be revealed in due time.  In a blog post during our search for that right home, I was writing that just maybe the quote, “Quit banging on the door that’s not for you!” meant that our dream home and our hopes for that property would never come to fruition and that it was just not for us…so quit banging on the door, get a life and move on!

But what if the dream won’t go away?  What if it’s all you can think of?  And what about the quote, “If God gives you a dream, He can fulfill it!”  So, how do you know?  How can you sort it all out?  I certainly don’t want to be as a little child banging on the locked door that was never meant for me, but I also don’t want to give up on a God-given dream either!

Maybe you have dreams too that don’t seem to be happening.  You think you’ll never get there.  Maybe you don’t even know where to start.  I know the feeling! But it’s been my experience that when I’ve not realized my dreams, no matter how large or small, it’s been because I wasn’t really clear on what I wanted. The conception of my dream was blurry.  I wasn’t really sure what it would look like, how it would feel, why I even wanted it.

So…what does YOUR dream look and feel like?…and why do you want it?

This past week, my good friend Beth,Visionary Revamp Design Artist and Techy Hard Stuff Detective shared with me a section from Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, How to Make Meaningful Goals and Resolutions.  This had a profound impact on me. For some reason, I was just ripe for it, the timing was perfect and I couldn’t get enough of what was being said. (Divine Timing…eh?) It inspired me and helped me to realize why I was feeling the way I had been lately…deflated and that I had settled on my dream.

Here is an excerpt that really hit home:

Rich dad used to say, “If you want something, be passionate. Passion gives energy to your life. If you want something you do not have, find out why you love what you want and why you hate not having what you want. When you combine those two thoughts, you will find the energy to get off your seat and go get anything you want.”

Whoa!!  I thought I WAS passionate about my dream! And I DO know how passion gives energy to your life!! I am a pretty passionate person about things that I love and want.  But maybe I was missing something.  That went straight to the heart! Tears welled up in my eyes and I knew that I had to revisit my dream to find out why I am so passionate about it, why I can’t stop thinking about it and what was I going to do about it!!

This subject is so important that I am going to make this a mini-series.  So for as long as my inspiration and willingness to share this topic with you holds out, it will be the topic for the next few posts. I just feel that it’s so vitally important that if we don’t get the “WHY”…we are going to have a rough time bringing or allowing any dream into reality!!!

What are YOU passionate about? What do you think about day in and day out…that you can’t get out of your mind no matter how hard you try to rationalize it away, telling yourself “I don’t deserve it”…”It will never happen for me”…”I’m not smart enough to go for that”…or the kiss of death to any dream…”It’s not meant for me.”  We can come up with a hundred excuses to quiet that burning desire that is just waiting to find a little crack of hope from you to come flowing out ready to become your dream realized!!!  Another gem of wisdom from Robert:

My rich dad taught me that what makes a person successful is not talent, not
charisma, not money. Success is found in the mind, in the mind’s “why”.

Finding Your “Why”is the single most important step you must take in realizing any dream that you have.  If your “WHY” isn’t strong enough, no amount of “How” or “Who” will do or make any difference.  The motivation behind every dream…is your “WHY”.  Stay tuned…next blog post…”How To Know If Your Why Is Strong Enough”!  Exciting stuff!!!  Don’t miss it!! (to make sure you don’t miss a single post, sign up for posts to come directly to your e-mail!)  



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