Are You Wearing Too Many Masks?

by Mindy Kaleta on October 21, 2013


Are You Wearing Too Many Masks?


Do you feel torn in 10 different directions?  Do you find yourself wearing many different hats or masks just to survive?   Trying to be everything to everyone can be exhausting!  And leaves you feeling as if you don’t even know who you are anymore.  Although this phenomenon can continue to some extent on many days, it doesn’t have to be the norm for YOUR life!

My title question, “Are You Wearing Too Many Masks”, seems to suggest that it’s OK to wear any mask!  While that certainly was not my intention, casting off some masks can bring relief for sure.  But why are we wearing masks at all?  What is the underlying rationale that a mask is necessary?

Well, speaking from my personal life, it was not part of my daily experience to be raised with the notion that being myself would be acceptable let alone something that was encouraged.  I always had the feeling that being myself or putting myself out there could be risky. Risky in the way of being thought silly, stupid or that who I am was just not good enough.

I don’t think that my parents, family/extended family and friends or society as a whole “tried” to make me feel this way. I do believe that everyone who had input into my life throughout the years, were just as scared and fearful as I was and was doing their best to try to protect me. But in the process of doing so, it only made me “more fearful”.

And so, the masks started to appear. One mask for the “good daughter”. One for being a “good student”.  One for ‘being a good friend”. And the list goes on and on!  Where does it stop?

As an adult, we all have probably learned to either discard what was taught to us as children or are still living through the suffering.  I hope that we are getting better at realizing that we all have worth and value and that it is safe to discard the masks.

This doesn’t come without some resistance though.  Habits are tough to break through. Maybe some of these habits have kept you from living your best life?  From going after your dreams?  Or, just “Being You!”???

I’m on this journey myself.  I’m moving closer day by day to what I really want my life to look like and moving away from what I really don’t want to be doing.  By most opinions, I have not “arrived”. But I am much further than I used to be, which I am grateful for.

What do you say we examine our masks and decide if there are some we can discard?  Baby steps to chucking them all together?  Stay tuned…more on…“The joyful simplicity of being you” come!!

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