Asking For Help And Gathering Your Dream Team

by Mindy Kaleta on November 14, 2013


Asking For Help


Gathering Your Dream Team


Today was one of those days.   You know the kind. The ones where you try so hard do the right thing, take on more than you can  handle, and stretch yourself to the point of exhaustion.  And when you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, you ask yourself in desperation, “What more can I do?”

Well, guessing that “What more can I do?” is the WRONG question and realizing that NOT doing more is really the solution!  And as usual, when I’m feeling down, I allow myself to soak in it for awhile (but not too long) and I set out to regroup.

Ok, let’s examine what all is stressing me out.  So, I go through the various things on my To Do list and take what I REALLY want to be doing and put those things on what I call MY LIST.  These are the items that I will focus on.  THEN the rest of the items that I’ve decided are goals, aspirations and dreams…but which I have no clue HOW I’m going to achieve, I label “MY UNIVERSAL MANAGER’S LIST” or “GOD’s LIST”.

Next, I decide to surrender & let go of everything on God’s List and made a vow with this statement.  “I don’t know HOW this will all come about, but I surrender & let go of all of it.  I will continue to do my part when prompted with inspiration and will act on those things that I love and what makes me happy!  I know God will do the rest and will take good care of me.”

Shortly after writing this in my journal, which I do regularly just because it helps me to sort things out, I went into my office to start working.  I knew that I wanted to touch base with some folks on a certain project that I had been working on for the past few weeks that has been giving quite a bit of  frustration and leaving me feeling drained.

Shortly after I sent the e-mail, I received an answer describing some options.  Then all of a sudden, I receive an instant message requesting a live conference call!  I was happy to get a reply so quickly and to be able to speak to them personally by phone to discuss the matter. But what happened was amazing!  As we talked it became apparent that I didn’t need to struggle all by myself.  That asking for help and hooking up with like-minded people, I could achieve much more than I could by myself!

And you don’t need struggle all by yourself either! 

“We need other people to work with us, support us, encourage us  and empower us in ways that we have yet to see for ourselves.” Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen

Look around you.  Sometimes your greatest assets are right within your reach!  Each one of us has much to offer others. We each have strengths, talents, skills and ideas.  Align yourself with four to five people who are like-minded, those with whom you work well and folks who seem to be on your “wave Length” and share your vision.  Then…come together to create your very own “Dream Team”!!

Remember, no one who has ever become fearless, happy, free, successful or wealthy…ever got there alone! 

Your dream team will be there to lift you up, encourage and inspire you;

to keep moving when your spirit is low and you want to quit!

When you Set your Intention,

Ask for Help &

Gather Your Dream Team

Nothing Can Stop you!


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