Turn YOUR Dreams into Reality!

by Mindy Kaleta on October 5, 2017

Attention all dreamers and solo-preneurs!

You have a dream, a message, a product or a service…

it’s something you love that is so big and beautiful you want to share it with the world…

but you don’t know where to start or how to do it without shaking in your shoes and feeling scared out of your wits!

I may have something that will help. 

Up to now, you’ve been working on your message, product or service…but a few things come up that have kept you hiding away; not getting the word out about who you are, what you do or why you do it.


You ask yourself:

“Why would anyone work with me…they don’t even know me!”

“I’m sure there are many other people out there doing the same thing.”

“Maybe I need to add more to my products, services or message!”

“Why am I even doing this anyway…it’s never going to work…I’m just not good enough!”

And on and on it goes!

I know, I’ve been there!

It can be a rabbit hole you stay in for YEARS….(I really know…cuz 10 years is A LOT of time to hide your dream! Remind me to tell you about that someday!)


But one day, I just started sharing…

…many of you know my husband Don and I have a dream…we are determined to realize!  It’s a dream so big and so strong…we can’t quit thinking about it.

It’s our upcoming farm;  Ladybug Junction Farm.  And if you’ve not heard of it, I invite you to take a look on FB or go to our website ladybugjunctionfarm.com

and there’s lots of info about what we are planning and doing!


Let me tell you a story.


We were out looking for property to bring our farm to life when we decided to go to an open house.

As we were looking around the home inside and out, we got more excited! It was a gorgeous place and had many of the amenities we were looking for!

We started sharing with the Realtor at the open house what we wanted to do with the farm.

We were excited just telling her all the cool stuff we were going to offer at the farm and then SHE started to get excited!  (If that’s ever happened to you, you know what I’m talking about! At last! Someone was as excited about who we were and what we do and why we do it as WE ARE!  Eeeekkk!!!)


What she said next made a major impact on us and I discovered why we were not seeing much movement forward in realizing the farm…like right here, right now!

Here’s what she said: “Where have you been?  Why don’t we all know about this?”

The answer I gave her was… “Uh…I have been working on it by myself in my office”…(kind of crazy huh?)

To which she replied, “You need to tell people about this idea of yours! Once you do, and they see your enthusiasm, they will get behind you!”


And so, we did!

We started telling everyone…I called it declaring it and sharing it.  The enthusiasm and movement forward increased with each person we shared it with!

The farm was just so much fun to talk about. Why? Because it is something we dearly love! Everything about the farm, we can’t wait to experience!

It is truly who we are!  It resonates with every cell of our being and we KNOW this is what we are here to do.  Not only for ourselves (and that’s a big part of knowing what you have to share with the world) but also the enjoyment, fun and difference the farm is going to make in the lives of all who visit us!


Do you have a message, a product or a service YOU can’t stop thinking about?

Are you that excited about what you do?


If you are, I invite you to take advantage of my video podcast series:

Speak your Truth, Tell your Story and within the comfort of a personal interview between me and you…chatting online over your favorite beverage…about who you are, what you do and why you do it, you will have a video to share with potential customers/clients to pave the way for them to get to know you and want to work with YOU! [learn more]


If you have a dream…but, still feel the need to create some enthusiasm around it, then you will want to schedule a 15 minute FREE session with me to give your dream some fire to ignite it forward! [learn more]


If you don’t feel compelled to DO anything, TAKE anything to the world…that’s okay too! I’m all about knowing who you are and loving what you do every…single…day!  All I ask is that you listen to your heart and follow the guidance you receive from that still small voice that’s been trying to get your attention. And if it’s to take it down a notch and spend some much needed rejuvenation time…that’s exactly what you should do. Learn to honor yourself and listen for the whispers of your heart!


BUT…if  YOU are ready to…Declare it and Share it;

let me know and I would be happy to help you




Until next time…


Puppy Scents is Joining Ladybug Junction Farm!

by Mindy Kaleta on September 8, 2017


Puppy Scents is Joining Ladybug Junction Farm!



We are super excited to announce that our book Puppy Scents, The Kids’ Guide to Puppy Care is joining our Just 4 Kids Program roster for the farm!

Puppy Scents is not your usual training manual. Roc Weiler, a Rottweiler mix puppy, boasts a love for treats that goes unmatched. Written from the pup’s point of view, Roc teaches kids the basics of puppy care and how to create an unbreakable friendship that will last a lifetime.

Roc helps children relate to their puppies and understand how to lovingly and patiently train them. In addition to providing training assistance, Roc also encourages positive behavior in kids as each chapter has a lesson not only for Roc, but correlating life lessons for children as well. Seeing that Roc can successfully learn to overcome obstacles shows children that they can too!

A note from Roc:

“I wanted to write my story so kids could understand their new puppy and why puppies do what they do. It can be tough for the family and scary for a pup if the family doesn’t understand what their puppy is going through while adapting to his new home.

So, with the help of my Dad, Don Kaleta, I wrote the book, Puppy Scents! The kids learn how to help out with training, feeding and other important puppy stuff.


Roc from Puppy Scents

Roc from Puppy Scents



“It is my mission to create forever friendships between kids and pups

so that no more dogs have to be alone, scared or homeless.” Love, Roc





 To Learn More About Puppy Scents – The BOOK & Programs – Click Here!


3rd Edition of Puppy Scents available NOW on Amazon.com






Ladybug Junction Farm is Gearing UP!

by Mindy Kaleta on August 1, 2017

Ladybug Junction Farm is Gearing UP!


Those of you who have been following Don and I and our plans for the farm know we’ve been working non-stop “Building Train Tracks”!  If you are asking “What’s building train tracks”…here is my blog post on that.  Knowing who you are and what you want is critical in getting what it is that you want in life.

What’s also true about getting what you want is this…”You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want. – Zig Ziglar

We believe that with all our hearts. Why?  Because each of us has a dream for a better life. Each of us, to some degree, wants to make a difference in the world.  Helping each other get there…is how it’s done.

Ladybug Junction has two main functions.

  1. To make a difference in the lives of animals who want and need  love, respect, compassion and family
  2. To open our farm to the community for educational events that make a difference in the lives of people

To do this…we need help.

We can’t do this alone and we wouldn’t want to!

This is something to be shared!  This is something that will not be all it can be without YOU!

Let us tell you how you can help!


To begin with…we need EXPOSURE

We all know how important it is to get your message out.  If no one knows you exist, it’s a pretty tough road! But here’s what you can do right NOW!

  • You can follow and “LIKE” our Ladybug Junction Farm page
  • You can help by “liking”, commenting and sharing our posts on Facebook to reach as many as possible with our message
  • You can spread the word with your friends and family in your local communities about the farm and all that it has to offer



  • You can help us with your encouragement, support, sharing and DONATIONS on OUR GO FUND ME campaignno amount is too small…going on NOW!


Furthermore…we need VOLUNTEERS…

VOLUNTEERS are the lifeblood of any type of animal rescue and we couldn’t do what we do without you!

If you have a love for animals and want to be a part of our LJF family…we would love to have you!

There’s going to be so much FUN stuff going on and we want YOU to be a part of it!

Positions include:

  • Care of the Animals
  • The Big Red Reading Barn
  • School Visits
  • The Farm Bookstore
  • Open Barn Days
  • Administrative, Social Media and Marketing


Last but not least…we need INSTRUCTORS, COACHES, TEACHERS for the Educational Event Center!

This is YOUR chance to SHINE and get what YOU DO…out to the world!  We have a soft place in our hearts for entrepreneurs who want to make a difference, who have a dream…just like us…to help make the world a better place.  Some of you are teachers, coaches and instructors we want to support you as we bring a “unique learning and healing experience” to the community and beyond.  Our classes will have the capability to be broadcast online; so, for those who are remote...you can still be a part of the class or workshop!

  • To teach classes & workshops geared to helping people live more fulfilled lives 
    • Yoga and Meditation instructors
    • Art instructors…such as “sip ‘n paint”, crafts for the kids
    • Health Coaches, Cooking and Healthy Eating Instructors…
    • Writers, Editors, Publishers, Book Launchers & Marketers to help in our “Create and Publish Your Own Book” workshops for kids and adults
    • Instructors for our program “Be Kind, Be Fit, Be Me”; experts in bullying/kindness, fitness & self-esteem…for our annual event!
  • OR…tell us what you bring to the world in making a difference and let set up a workshop just for YOU! 

You do NOT have to be LOCAL to be an instructor! We can do this all online! 


Want to join our team?

Here’s what we need YOU to do NEXT!

  1. Click Here to Register as a General Staff Member for the farm
  2. Once you register…you’ll get an email with a simple application telling us how you want to serve
  3. Fill out the application and return it to ladybugjunctionfarm@gmail.com
  4. Once we receive your application, you will be added to our roster!

Disclaimer:  Reviews are done to ensure that all programs, classes & workshops are in alignment with Ladybug Junction Farm’s Mission and what we want to do in the world. It is our commitment to our animals, staff and visitors to give them our very best in making a difference in the lives of people and animals.


While WE WAIT…

…for the location, the acquisition, the building of Ladybug Junction Farm…we thought we would get things moving and organized. Once we find the property and start the building process, it’s going to get PRETTY BUSY!  We believe in doing what we can, right here, right now! So, let’s get started!


You know the saying…”If you can dream it, you can achieve it!”

We want to collaborate WITH YOU in making BOTH OUR DREAMS a reality! 

Here are some great furbabies who have already joined the team!


CLICK HERE to REGISTER as a General Staff Member!

We are super excited to be taking this step of working with YOU on the farm!

Thank you in advance for all your enthusiasm and support.  We couldn’t do it without YOU!

Talk to you soon!

Here we go!

Don & Mindy XOXO


You’ve Forgotten Your Why

by Mindy Kaleta on July 19, 2017


You’ve Forgotten Your Why

Revisiting Our Why to Re-Ignite the Passion of Our Dream

About this time last month, I wrote a blog post entitled,Got Doubts About Your Dream? Build It Anyway.”  

In that post I talked about the “why” of our dream for Ladybug Junction Farm.


I mentioned that when you have a dream that is REALLY BIG and you start to doubt your ability to pull it off…just stop!”


Stop and ask yourself,

“why do I want this so badly?”

“why is this so important to me?”

“on my 90th birthday, will I regret not doing this?”


Only Don and I know the answer to these questions.

And only YOU know the answer to these questions when contemplating your dream goal.


Fast forward to today…July 19, 2017…yesterday while working with Jennifer Urezzio, Founder and Spiritual Director at Soul Language in a 15 min, laser coaching session, it became super clear to me that I had again forgotten my “why”.

Well, not entirely forgotten it, but allowed it to get muddled in all the plans, the challenges, the DOING…


In working on a dream this large with many moving parts, it’s easy to get side railed and to veer off course.

There is so much to consider and much to do…we often feel like Frances in the movie Under the Tuscan Sun, when speaking with the real estate agent and owner about Bramasole,

Frances: I’d like to make an offer on the house. This is what I can pay, minus the work on the place, and a rental car to drive off a cliff when this all turns out to have been a terrible mistake.”


No…We aren’t to the point of “driving off the cliff”…

but we certainly find we need to take our own advice and just STOP!


STOP and ask ourselves, refresh our memory…

“Why do we want this?”

“Why is this important to us?”


I found I had written a mini-series about this very subject three years ago!

To be honest I was tempted to re-purpose those posts!

But it just didn’t feel right.


We are in a different place now.

We have learned so much in the past three years.

Our vision has gotten stronger, gained more clarity…

and we have grown in our own self-enrichment.


So…what are our whys?

As Oprah says…here’s what we know for sure:


What I Know For Sure About Our “Whys”

Don’s Why:

  • Don Supporting Mindy in her Endeavor: Don (my sweet husband) is my biggest supporter and always has been. In everything I do or want to do, Don is right there cheering me on. Don’s talents in the field of Building Maintenance will come in handy through the building process and of course down the road as maintenance issues arise. It’s always nice to have a professional in the family!

Mindy’s Why: 

  • Country Living:  I don’t know if you’ve ever felt this before, but I truly know in my soul, that I am more ME when I’m in the country.  Country living feeds me. Fresh air, the stillness, the sounds of critters, all come together to nourish my spirit.  This is a big one for me.  Even as a child, I was often found playing as if I was on “the farm”.  It’s part of who I am. My dad grew up on a farm. My grandparents had a working farm and a general store, with a gas pump.  I seem to remember the horse who lived there as well.  It’s in my genes!


  • Animals: My entire life has been centered around animals.  In my personal experience, I’ve adopted a wide range of animals; from tadpoles, wild rabbits, fish, birds, hamsters; to cats, dogs and a horse. At one point, I even brought home a baby chick when they were giving them away with a tank fill-up at gas stations.  It was a crazy thing to do, I mean seriously, “Why would they give away live animals at a gas station? Why would they do that?” The upside? I was able to give my chick the best home I could and he was often found inside the house sitting on the couch with me! I consider animals my friends and they were very much a part of my growing up.  I’ve not seemed to have grown out of it to date! We have two dogs and three cats in our household as we speak!


  • Writing & Publishing: Don and I both love to write and publish our own books. To date, we have three books and intend on spending much more time writing on the farm. Every animal we adopt will have a book written and published in their honor; telling the story they wish to tell. Puppy Scents is our dog Roc’s story and Miley Girl our sweet tuxedo kitty has a bit of an adventure Don is working on! Next will be dog Chloe’s story, and kitties Katie Lynn and Maggie Moo.  And of course, other furkids who find their way to our farm.


  • Kids, Reading & the LOVE of BOOKS! One of the main attractions at Ladybug Junction Farm is The Big Red Reading Barn.  Two things are important here for us:  1) Bringing kids & animals together in friendship and 2) through reading, learning and the Love of Books! The animals will enjoy hearing the kids read to them and the kids will have fun while learning the stories of the animals as they read!  It’s our way of contributing to Children’s Literacy and instilling a love for books in the heart of every child!


  • Educational Events/Classes & Workshops: Providing a place where the community can gather to also read, learn, experience a sense of well-being and wellness through the classes & workshops we offer. Some of the attractions we want to start off with are Yoga and Meditation in the pasture, providing areas for reading, classes on various natural healing modalities, essential oils, art painting classes and much more!

Our Mission Statement: To open our home in the country to the community, share our love for animals and provide a place where we and those who visit come to relax, rejuvenate, read a book or take a class.  Just for today…love.  Just for today…laugh. Just for today…be who you are!  

These are the WHYs…why we persevere and keep moving forward in bringing this dream into reality.

Will it be scary?  Yes, it will.

Will it be worth it?  Again, YES IT WILL!

If you would like to Help Us Build Ladybug Junction Farm with your encouragement, monetary support and shares

Go to Our Go Fund Me campaign to see all we have planned!  It’s super exciting!  Come join us!



Got Doubts About Your Dream? Build It Anyway.

by Mindy Kaleta on June 16, 2017

Okay.  We are in the really early stages of building our dream…Ladybug Junction Farm [learn more]

We’ve been searching for just the right area and property.

We went to an open house last Sunday.

The house was beautiful, the property was almost perfect.

The realtor was enthusiastic and personable and we walked away thinking, “this is it!” for Ladybug Junction Farm!


I couldn’t sleep that night. Woke up at 2:00 am with thoughts racing and feelings of overwhelm.

“Can we really do this?”

“This is such an expensive and huge project!”

“Who are we to think we could even pull this thing off?”

“What if we fail?”


For two hours, my mind was analyzing it, dissecting it and that quote from the movie, Under the Tuscan Sun showed up in my memory.


In the story, Frances, a writer from the US travels to Tuscany to escape her life in San Francisco.

On a whim, ends up buying an old villa.


Talking with her real estate agent she confides:

I wake up in the night thinking, “You idiot.   

I mean, you’re the stupidest woman in the world.

You bought a house for a life you don’t even have.”

Her agent asks:

“Then why did you do it then?”

And she replies:

“Because I’m sick of being afraid all the time and because I still want things.  

I want a wedding in this house. I want a family in this house.”

Then her agent shares something that will change her life forever:


between Austria and Italy, there is a section of the Alps called the Semmering.

It is an impossibly steep, very high part of the mountains.

They built a train track over these Alps to connect Vienna and Venice.

They built these tracks before there was a train in existence that could make the trip.

They built it because they knew someday the train would come.

I knew that was a message for me too.


Don and I may not know exactly how Ladybug Junction Farm will come into our reality. But we just know it will.

If that agent had asked US, “then why did you do it then?” we would have answered:

“because we too are sick of being afraid all the time and we still want things.

We want to rescue animals and give them a loving home in this house.

We want to bring animals and kids together in friendship in this house.

We want to instill in kids a love for reading and books in this house.

We want to bring health, wellness and vitality to people and animals in this house.

We want to connect with the community in this house.

We want to send the message of kindness, compassion and respect for others in this house.”

It’s one of those dreams that won’t let go of US.

When you have a dream that strong, you must follow that dream!


I finally got to sleep that night. The days that followed turned into a fact finding mission.

The act of just showing up at the Open House got us moving on “will this property fit our needs?”

And not only that, but “can we do what we want to do on the farm in this area?”


Now we are in the process of meeting with zoning inspectors and again get the opportunity to share the Ladybug Junction Farm concept!

It amazes me that whenever we “share our passion for the farm” people seem to get excited! Then WE get excited all over again!


Here’s the deal.


When you have a dream that is REALLY BIG and you start to doubt your ability to pull it off…just stop!

Stop and ask yourself,

“why do I want this?”

“why is this so important to me?”

“on my 90th birthday, will I regret not doing this?”

Only you know the answer to these questions.


Will it be scary?  Yes, it will.

Will it be worth it?  Again, YES IT WILL!


Get excited for YOUR dream!

Know why you want it.

Then share it with everyone!

Once you are firm in your passion for it, it’s super easy to share it with others!

What’s your dream?


If you would like to Help Us Build Ladybug Junction Farm with your encouragement, monetary support and shares

Go to Our Go Fund Me campaign to see all we have planned!  It’s super exciting!  Come join us!





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New Kid’s Focus at Ladybug Junction Farm

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