Building Your Dream Life, The Life that You Crave!

by Mindy Kaleta on December 24, 2014

Live it now

Building your dream life…one that you can’t stop thinking about…that you are craving…is not for the faint of heart.  It takes guts! 

As we near the end of 2014…it’s natural to start thinking about how we want things to be different in 2015.  When you are super focused on what you want and you are crystal clear about your intentions and actions, it can be a bit daunting not only for you, but for those who know and love you.   I mean, seriously! One day, if you wake up and decide to live your life on purpose and allow all good things to come into your life, you won’t be the same person you were yesterday! That can be scary for you AND those close to you!

Your friends may think that you’ve gone off the deep end or because you are too excited and can’t stop talking about all that you are doing,  they may say things to you such as, “Hey…take it down a notch, will ya?!”  And you may not know what to do with that attitude because after all, you are just so dang happy and excited about your life!

Well, you never mind what the “peanut gallery” is saying or doing!  Don’t let their lack of understanding or negativity affect who you are and who you are becoming.  Just keep going!

Let me share with you something on a personal level. I’ve always wanted to write a book about my life and my struggles and my successes along my journey.  My intention in writing this book would be to be of inspiration to others going through the same experiences. I fretted over what I would say, how I would say it, and what the topic would be.

I’d heard about authors and how at times the words just flowed and at other times, there seemed to be a block. Well, I was blocked for quite awhile.  Maybe it was because I had so many issues and inner work to take care of that to open myself up to others would have been extremely painful; to me as well as the reader.

I say that because I was in “complain mode” at the time and it probably would not have been good reading material.  Heck, I wrote almost nine journals and one day when home sick from work, I read them all back to back.  When I was through, I said to myself, “Mindy, you have been writing about these issues for years and haven’t done a thing about them! Either change it or stop talking about it and accept it.”  And since I couldn’t accept it, I made some changes.

I made some tough…really tough…decisions Many of them were not popular…well, maybe most of them. A lot of people didn’t understand what I was doing. Some thought I had lost my mind.  You know the way people do when they are no where near you on the emotional scale and what you are going through.   But the truth is this.  I had finally taken the first steps to

  • Honoring myself
  • Listening to what I knew in my heart to be true and
  • taking action to change those things that I had to change.

I don’t know why it took me so long to make the changes. I guess God wasn’t finished teaching me what I needed to learn before moving on. And I did move on.  I wish I could tell you that my life was then  a piece of cake, that I had no more issues, that my life was instantly perfect. But, it wasn’t. There was so much more to experience in God’s Divine Timing, as I call it. He truly was not finished with me yet (and still isn’t) but I am so grateful that He stood by my side through thick and thin. Even when I couldn’t feel that He was there.

P.S. Have I written that book about my life’s journey yet? No, not yet. But it’s on the docket for 2015! I did write a parents’ guide to Surviving the Puppy Stage, How to Get Inside Your Dog’s Mind Without Losing Your Own! (giggle) You can see how much I believe in the power of love from animals to write the puppy book first!!?? lol

Okay…so, what does this have to do with Building Your D-R-E-A-M Life?  Well, interestingly enough…my D-R-E-A-M process was what I used to get me through the tough times.  It took me through the steps that I needed to take to re-direct and build the life that I craved.

What is the Building Your D-R-E-A-M Life Process?

D – iscover what it is you really want

R –  esolve to give undivided attention to it

E – nvision that which you crave and give it life

A -sk for what you want with no reservations

M – ake room in your life to receive it

Building Your D-R-E-A-M Life is all about:

  • Being ready to take control of your life and building a life with no regrets
  • Embracing each transitional phase of life and designing it just the way you want it to look, feel and sound
  • Creating balance that is specifically tailored to your lifestyle, your needs/values and who you are right now
  • Setting up healthy boundaries in your relationships, your career and your life

Are you ready to start Building Your Dream Life and would like to brainstorm for 2015?

I’m opening a few spots of 1:1 coaching at the first of the year! Check it out and see if this would be something you’d be interested in. Design Your Life Coaching with Mindy.

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Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to All of YOU!! 





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