Live Your Dream

Turn YOUR Dreams into Reality!

by Mindy Kaleta October 5, 2017

Attention all dreamers and solo-preneurs! You have a dream, a message, a product or a service… it’s something you love that is so big and beautiful you want to share it with the world… but you don’t know where to start or how to do it without shaking in your shoes and feeling scared out […]

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You’ve Forgotten Your Why

by Mindy Kaleta July 19, 2017

  You’ve Forgotten Your Why Revisiting Our Why to Re-Ignite the Passion of Our Dream About this time last month, I wrote a blog post entitled, “Got Doubts About Your Dream? Build It Anyway.”   In that post I talked about the “why” of our dream for Ladybug Junction Farm.   I mentioned that “when […]

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Got Doubts About Your Dream? Build It Anyway.

by Mindy Kaleta June 16, 2017

Okay.  We are in the really early stages of building our dream…Ladybug Junction Farm [learn more] We’ve been searching for just the right area and property. We went to an open house last Sunday. The house was beautiful, the property was almost perfect. The realtor was enthusiastic and personable and we walked away thinking, “this […]

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Live Your Dream…always!

by Mindy Kaleta March 19, 2017

  Since my last post, we’ve been getting questions about where our Ladybug Junction Farm is located and/or when it will be open. Let us clarify. We too are super excited about Ladybug Junction Farm…BUT… we are not quite ready to be “open for business” so to speak! I know!  It’s tough to hold back […]

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Just livin’ the dream!

by Mindy Kaleta December 18, 2016

Just livin’ the dream! Ahhh…wouldn’t that feel good!   Living your dream life is not for the faint of heart.  It takes guts!  As we near the end of 2016…it’s natural to start thinking about how we want things to be different in 2017. When you are super focused on what you want and you […]

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Here you have a VOICE. Here you are SOMEONE. Here you MATTER

by Mindy Kaleta November 9, 2016

  As we awaken today with a new president elect, no matter who you are or who you voted for, you probably feel like you’ve just been through a major earthquake. It doesn’t matter who your candidate of choice was, we’ve all felt some major shifts. Today…just for today…I invite you to be light and […]

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Sometimes the Unexpected Happens!

by Mindy Kaleta April 17, 2016

Sometimes the Unexpected Happens! It was a day like any other day. Hubby and I were getting ready to go to shopping and I ran upstairs to grab some books, journal, phone, purse to take with me (on our 20 minute trip to the mall)…really? Seriously did I need all that stuff? (I didn’t…and I […]

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When You are Tired of the Struggle

by Mindy Kaleta January 4, 2016

When You are Tired of the Struggle… I don’t know about you, but although 2015 was filled with amazing breakthroughs, dreams realized and decisions made that I had been procrastinating on…I was still learning how to stop the struggle and relax. There were a few curve balls thrown at our family in 2015 that we […]

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Did You Know You Have an Internal On-Board GPS?

by Mindy Kaleta July 8, 2015

We all deserve to have an opinion about what is best for us. Where did we get the idea that other’s opinions carried more weight, were more correct or they even had the right to voice their opinions upon another? Where do we get this stuff? I mean seriously! No one else has the right […]

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Oprah, Disappointment and the Next Best Thing! Part 2

by Mindy Kaleta April 7, 2015

 Oprah, Disappointment and the Next Best Thing! Part 2 Oprah’s story continues: In last week’s post, (CLICK HERE to read Part 1 if you missed it) Oprah was in the middle of a fat farm, thinking her weight was the reason that she hadn’t gotten the part for The Color Purple.  Being in The Color […]

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