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FRIENDSHIP – One of Three Core Values at Ladybug Junction Farm

by Mindy Kaleta April 4, 2017

FRIENDSHIP – One of Three Core Values at Ladybug Junction Farm Ladybug Junction Farm “Where ANIMALS and KIDS come together in FRIENDSHIP through READING, LEARNING and the LOVE of BOOKS!”   You see there is a small animal sanctuary, educational center and reading barn that keeps flashing through my mind.  I can see it! Sometimes […]

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Live Your Dream…always!

by Mindy Kaleta March 19, 2017

  Since my last post, we’ve been getting questions about where our Ladybug Junction Farm is located and/or when it will be open. Let us clarify. We too are super excited about Ladybug Junction Farm…BUT… we are not quite ready to be “open for business” so to speak! I know!  It’s tough to hold back […]

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Update on Ladybug Junction Farm

by Mindy Kaleta March 1, 2017

Just a shout out to those who are eagerly waiting for Ladybug Junction Farm! Lots to do before that happens!  We had no idea! 🙂 We are looking into the legal aspects of the farm, where we can build and what our farm will ultimately be for you!  Thus a lot of refining and adjusting […]

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Here you have a VOICE. Here you are SOMEONE. Here you MATTER

by Mindy Kaleta November 9, 2016

  As we awaken today with a new president elect, no matter who you are or who you voted for, you probably feel like you’ve just been through a major earthquake. It doesn’t matter who your candidate of choice was, we’ve all felt some major shifts. Today…just for today…I invite you to be light and […]

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Job Loss, Broken Bones, Surgeries & How we made it Through!

by Mindy Kaleta November 4, 2016

Oh, my goodness…where do I start?  Well, first off I want to say…I owe you an apology! As you can tell…there’s been a lot going on this past year!  Holy Batman! First of the year started with a loss of a job, and with that of course a loss of income. Then came a trip […]

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