The Delightfulness of Animals

by Mindy Kaleta November 19, 2016

Just a short note for your Sunday… Animals and “delightfulness” just go together!  It’s such a true match to the magical, joyous and loving characteristics of animals.  I am amazed every day at the simplicity of the lives of animals; how they are always in the present moment, ways in which they show unconditional love […]

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Patience Please!

by Mindy Kaleta March 19, 2014

Patience Please!   Have you heard the quote, “Lord give me patience, BUT HURRY!” ???  LOL!!  Well, that seems to be my MO (mode of operation) now days! See, my husband and I are still…yes, STILL TRYING to sell our house.  And if I were to listen to Yoda…”there is no TRY”…and just SELL the […]

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Asking For Help And Gathering Your Dream Team

by Mindy Kaleta November 14, 2013

  Asking For Help and Gathering Your Dream Team   Today was one of those days.   You know the kind. The ones where you try so hard do the right thing, take on more than you can  handle, and stretch yourself to the point of exhaustion.  And when you don’t see the light at the […]

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Terrible Ideas…Don’t you just Love Those?

by Mindy Kaleta August 20, 2013

  Terrible Ideas…Don’t you just Love Those?   “Terrible ideas are like play ground scapegoats. Given the right encouragement, they grow up to be geniuses!  Take one of your terrible ideas, and work on it.”  Frances Mayes in Under the Tuscan Sun the movie This was the advice Frances gave to her young writing student, […]

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