Choosing what excites you!

by Mindy Kaleta on April 19, 2016

Choosing what excites youThis has been one of those weeks!!

One of those weeks where several opportunities seem to peak over the horizon all at once, leaving us wondering which is the ONE that we SHOULD choose?

Well, that’s definitely a flawed premise right there!

For starters:

  • there is no ONE
  • and there definitely is no SHOULD!

When you find yourself facing several different options with anything, it’s always nice to have a system, process or formula to go by to help you sort it all out.

I was on Facebook and one of my friends posted a video from Bashar  (you can view it here)  addressing this very topic.

I was intrigued with the conversation he was having with a girl and the questions he asked her before giving her a formula for making the best choice on what excites her.

She was having difficulty identifying what it was that truly excites her. This is not uncommon now days with so much available to us, it’s almost overwhelming to choose for fear of losing out somehow.  Do you agree?

His First Question:

“Are you choosing what excites you the most?”

If you aren’t sure or the answer is NO…

Second Question:

“When will you choose what excites you the most?”

If you are still stumped…

Third Question:

What is holding you back?

What followed was the above formula!! Brilliant!

Such a simple, easy process to use with any decision you are facing!

It’s logical, it’s easy and you can use it over and over again!! Rinse & Repeat!

Love it when there is a way to use less effort & struggle in exchange for ease & flow!

Until next time,





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