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So…we hear you have a great idea for a book and you are eager to get started? Fantastic! You’ve come to the right place, because we are here to help you do that!

Most writers find that once they decide to go full steam ahead to create & publish their book, the publishing process starts to feel a bit overwhelming! You may feel like that too.

We here at Book.Builder.Express are ready to take you through the process step-by-step, explain each step of the way, why it’s important and make it as simple and easy as possible. In other words, we’ve got your back!

You see, we’ve been where you are! Back in 2010…we were doing exactly what you are doing now. We had an awesome idea for a book and we experienced every challenge you may be facing today. So, we know how you feel right now. But the good news is, since we lived through it and went on to not only write & publish more books of our own, but the books of others, we are equipped to help you Create and Build Your Own Book!


Here’s the scoop…

We know you are super busy!

Some of you have expressed you would like to see a way for you to create & build your book without having to go to scheduled classes, work at your own pace, get it on demand…and we listened.


This DIY program requires no classes or schedules and allows you to work at your own pace without the stress of making a deadline.

Recorded videos and modules from me to you so you don’t feel like you’re doing this all by yourself. 

However, if you would like an accountability partner or 1:1 assistance, there are 3 Options available to choose from!


Here’s what you will learn:

Module 1–The Art of Building Your Book 

  • Overview of book process
  • Mindset
  • First Things First; Be Clear!
  • Using the Template
  • Storybook Mapping – Basic Book Layout
  • Additional Pages: Title, Copyright, Dedication, How to Use, About Author, Back Cover
  • Fonts, Colors, Brand
  • Images
  • ISBN numbers
  • Bar codes

    Module 2–Start Writing, Creating & Compiling Your Book

  • Interior Book Manuscript
  • Outline Your Book Content
  • Table of Contents/Chapters
  • Compiling your content into your book template
  • The importance of proofreading & editing

  Module 3 – Cover Design

  • Overall mood, tone & theme
  • Designing your cover for your Audience or Reader
  • Basic Cover Design/Layout
  • Fonts, Color, Brand
  • Back Cover Text
  • Author Image, Logo

Module 4 – Formatting Process

  • What happens in the formatting process?
  • What can I expect?
  • Revisions & Policies
  • Setting Up Your CreateSpace & Kindle Accounts

Create & Build Your Own Book

is designed for you to go at your own pace, 

DIY (on your own)

so you can relax and enjoy the creative process


This would be

Option 1 – email accountability (available if you want it)


BUT…if you want a more private experience, have a definite deadline,

want an accountability partner to ensure you finish your book successfully and on-time…

you will want to choose

Option 2 – email/phone accountability and 90 mins of phone support as needed


or Option 3 – 1:1 PRIVATE, FULL coaching throughout the process with accountability & deadlines, email/phone support. 



Here is what other authors are saying!


Mary Janice Baxter, Author & Illustrator

When I first had my book idea and saw that Mindy (whom I have known over ten years through “Life Coaching”) was advertising a service to help with self publishing, I knew It would be a great experience! What I wasn’t expecting was the fun. There were so many details! I had no idea it was so complicated and yet working with Mindy was an absolute joy. She’s enthusiastic, professional and extremely patient! Publishing a book is big commitment. With Mindy’s help it was the beginning to one of my most exciting journeys. I can’t thank her enough!



Diana Marie Winkler, Author

Mindy Kaleta has been working with me for several years. It started off helping me get my blog up and running. I was fairly new with the computer, but she patiently walked me through the steps. Now she is helping me get my first book published.Because of a health issue I had put the book on hold, but she patiently waited for me to get back in the groove and always encouraged me to keep me motivated. We are now on the runway getting ready for the book to take flight! I have relied on her expertise as to what may or may not work.Through our working relationship she has learned my personality and lets me be me.  Mindy is a good listener so as to pick up on what you want to accomplish with your book. – Diana Marie Winkler, The Shepherd’s Daughter®


Deciding to finally write, create & build your own book can feel like an overwhelming task.  

Book.Builder.Express – DIY E-Course is designed to take you step-by-step through the process with recorded  instructional videos from Mindy.


We’ve been where you are right now and we know how to get you to the finish line without the overwhelm!  

If you are eager and ready to commit to your book project, we are eager and ready to walk by your side.  


If this is the right time for you, click the LINK below, choose the option that’s best for you and Get Started Now! 

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