Did You Know You Have an Internal On-Board GPS?

by Mindy Kaleta on July 8, 2015

I finally found my JOY when I realized

We all deserve to have an opinion about what is best for us.

Where did we get the idea that other’s opinions carried more weight, were more correct or they even had the right to voice their opinions upon another? Where do we get this stuff?

I mean seriously! No one else has the right or the knowledge to tell another how they should live their life.

Of course, it’s sometimes nice to bounce ideas off of our friends whom we know we can trust and count on, but ultimately…we all have a tremendous internal guidance system that works forever in our favor and it’s in each of us!

Did you know that with every thought, every time we are contemplating a situation or course of action, our internal on-board GPS guidance system lets us know whether it’s a good idea or not?

We have a God-given emotional guidance system that is working 24/7 for each and every one of us. Say, you want to go back to school. Right away your guidance system kicks in with a “feeling”. It could be anywhere in your body, but rest assured that you will feel something!

It could be elation and a rush of adrenaline that takes you skipping around the room!

It could be fear that grips your being at the very thought of tackling the classes,  books, assignments again! (As in “What was I thinking!”)

When you feel the elation, at this point and time, you are in synch…in alignment…with your higher self, Source and your highest good! Your body…and emotional guidance system says…it’s a “Yes”!

When you feel the fear…there is something that’s not lining up. Maybe an underlying belief you’ve not addressed…but something has a cog in your wheel!  If the fear has you in its claw…for now…it’s a no.  It’s a no until you can line up with it in some way by identifying limiting beliefs and adopting new ones that feel better. For instance, you might spend some time asking yourself these questions:

“Where are these fears coming from?”

“How can I see this differently?”

“What would have to happen to change this feeling of fear to elation?”

“Or is this just not the right timing?”

And with each question, check in with your internal guidance system to see how you “feel” about the answers that come up. You will either feel better, or not.

Being willing to surrender and release something that feels off until you feel good about it, is a very powerful tool! I know that there is a saying, “Feel the fear and do it anyway”, and that may be good advice for some things (but at the moment I cannot think of any!).

But most of the time, if you aren’t in alignment with something, instead of causing yourself more pain and suffering trying to make it fit…and feeling awful in the process…just temporarily lay it aside and go back to it later to see what your emotional guidance system says about it then.

Your opinion does count…and your opinion in its most organic state is your internal emotional guidance system. It’s the way you feel about any given situation, issue or concern.

Trust your gut. It will never fail you!

One way to get in touch with your internal emotional guidance system is to learn to love yourself. So, I have prepared for you a free offer entitled…10 steps to loving yourself daily.

All you need to do to get a copy is to fill in your name and email and it will be downloaded immediately once you confirm your contact information.

It’s my gift to you! Enjoy!



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