DIY Part 2 Book Builder Express Program


This is Part 2 – Format, Design & Proofreading – Prepare & Publish

Please Note: this is not a class, you will be working directly with our production team to provide you with the files you need to launch your book.


Once you have…

  • written, created & built your book according to the submission guidelines covered in Part 1
  • can successfully provide your completed manuscript with the information needed to prepare, format and launch your book…
  • you are ready for Part 2!  Congratulations!





In Part 2, you will not need to go through any class modules, but instead will be working directly with our production department for the preparation, formatting and launching of your book file onto CreateSpace & Kindle. 

We have offered this Book.Builder.Express program to get you through the process

quickly and easily and at a price point that is convenient and affordable.



Part 2 – Professional Custom Format, Design

of both Interior & Cover Files/Paperback & Kindle Versions

plus Assistance with Successful Upload of files to

CreateSpace & Kindle Accounts

(Part 1 – Create & Build Your Own Book Required Prerequisite)



You are now ready to move into the publishing phase! 

***Please Note: This includes troubleshooting your paperback and Kindle files for acceptance on CreateSpace/Kindle but does NOT include creating your CreateSpace or Kindle accounts.

All students who sign up for Part 2 will have successfully finished Part 1 and should be familiar with Part 2 and the publishing process. But, you still may have questions. Simply contact me at if you wish to learn more about Part 2 and what to expect or if you will need assistance in creating your CreateSpace or Kindle accounts.  We are here to help you get across the finish line! 

Book Builder Express