Do You Overload Your Calendar?

by Mindy Kaleta on September 28, 2013

overcrowded calndar

Do You Overload Your Calendar?


Is every day of the week filled to the brim with errands, meetings, events, appointments, to-dos, shoulds and have-tos?

It just seems that our lives are going at lightning speeds!  Like a merry-go-round that is picking up and going faster and faster ’till we fear that one day, we will just go spinning off somewhere and land in a pitiful heap!

And I ask myself and maybe you do too, “Is all this craziness REALLY necessary?  I mean seriously?  Do we really have to be SO busy…with those full plates that we all keep talking about?  You know, you’ve heard it…”My plate is so full these days!”,  or “I just have too much on my plate!”.    Or, do you feel like you are juggling TOO MANY plates?

Well, let’s just stop for a moment, take a deep breath…maybe a few deep breaths until you can feel some peacefulness settling in.  Ahhhh…ok, now…let’s talk, girlfriend!

First of all, let’s get real…and I’m speaking to myself as well here, so I’m not off the hook either!  I’ve caved in to the popular “busy” lifestyle too, sister!  Again, first we have to admit that we have set things up this way don’t you think?  I mean, it’s admirable to be “busy” by most standards today.  If you aren’t busy, you can be thought of as lazy or severely unmotivated.  Or worse yet…”selfish”!!  Oh, no! Not the SELFISH label!!!  (btw…NO ONE wants that label!!)  So since it’s considered a valued trait to be “busy”, we have complied with adding as many things to the “plate” as we possibly can without going completely stark raving mad!

Secondly, (dare I even suggest this?…I’m going to dig deep and pull out all the stops…) we don’t have to comply with the notion that busy is sacred and that taking some time for ourselves or shaving our responsibilities to a reasonable level and number is NOT SELFISH or LAZY!  What if (and I know this is taking a huge risk)…what if we just decided that we would evaluate what we were doing and discover what is most important and take off our plate what was not important and leave on only those things that we love and feel is MOST important.

Now, I can sense the bubbling up of resistance already!  “What will everyone think of me?  They won’t understand. They will think that I’m sloughing off or not being a team player!”

It’s ok, you don’t have to make any major decisions this very minute.  I just wanted to stir your mental pot a bit to get you to thinking.  So, for now, just make a list of the major time eaters that are on your calendar. Take a peek and make note of the things that you are doing, almost on auto pilot, that you REALLY wish you weren’t.

Let it simmer for a few days, then revisit your list.  Can you delegate, delay or ditch it all together?  Only you know the answer to that. But once you free up some time, there will be space to put in those things that you’ve always wanted to do but never had the chance.  Go ahead, take the chance now!  If not now, when?





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