Do You Trust Your Intuition?

by Mindy Kaleta on April 9, 2014

what does my heart say

Do You Trust Your Intuition?


Ever have a gut feeling that something just isn’t right?  Or that should go this way instead of that?  You don’t know why, but something just seems to be off?  Some call it intuition, or a gut feeling; but whatever you call it, it is a pretty good guidance system that we sometimes ignore, but really shouldn’t.

I guess we should start out with the dictionary definition of “Intuition”.  Websters says the intuition is:

“A natural ability or power that makes it possible to know something without any proof or evidence : a feeling that guides a person to act a certain way without fully understanding why; : something that is known or understood without proof or evidence.”

You just know;  You don’t know why; But you go ahead and act on it without fully understanding why or proof that it’s the right thing to do.  Others may think you are completely “off the charts”, but you…just…know!

And this is different for everyone.  One person acting by their personal intuition may not (and probably isn’t) what another person might feel.  Intuition is a VERY UNIQUE and PERSONAL thing!

But do we TRUST our Intuition?  Are we confident enough in ourselves and who we are to totally trust what our gut is telling us?  No second guessing!  Wouldn’t that be the most freeing feeling there is!  To be able to know without a shadow of a doubt, to go this way or that, to choose this thing over another, to accept this opportunity or leave it and just KNOW that it’s right for you! Wow!

When you know who you are and you honor that…your intuition can guide you easily.  You check your body to see if there is any resistance when circumstances arise.  You can ask yourself the question, “Does this FEEL right?”  You may not know for sure at the time, but if it feels even a tad bit off, is an indication that something doesn’t jive!  We need to learn to trust this gift of intuition that we have and honor it by following our gut feelings.

Sylvia Clare, Trusting Your Intuition:  Rediscover Your True Self to Achieve a Richer, More Rewarding Life  has this to say about Intuition: 

“Intuition is an essential part of the whole experience of living. Although it will not help predict the future or how people will behave, using intuition as a guide makes life more rewarding. It helps you follow what seems to be the right path, even when social convention or common sense appears to tell differently.”

So, when you get that gut feeling that:

  • You’d rather not attend a certain event;  Trust it!
  • It doesn’t feel right to walk home late at night by yourself; Trust it!
  • Something about that job opportunity doesn’t seem to fit;  Trust it!
  • You seem to always have an excuse why you don’t take that class, write that book or want to spend time with a certain person; Trust it!

Your body knows when something is out of kilter, either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.  Trust it!  We are fearfully and wonderfully made.  It is a God given gift!  It doesn’t mean that you have to never see that person, exercise (when you don’t feel like it)…or anything else that just doesn’t seem right…but what it DOES mean, is there just may be a lesson or an aha moment in there somewhere as to why those things feel so “off” to you.  Discovering the “why” could lead to a revelation about you and who you really are! And once you figure that out, it will be easier the next time to know the “why”.

Ok, so what about those times when your gut says “Yes!”  TRUST THAT TOO!!!  If your heart soars and you can’t contain your excitement about something…that may be an indication that this particular thing is a part of who you are and your life’s purpose.  If you can’t get enough of it, time flies or you can’t wipe that smile off your face…uh, GO FOR IT!

That is what life is all about! The JOY of it, to FEEL GOOD! To experience the contrast and continually reach for a better feeling place.  If you were never sad, how would you know what it’s like to be happy?  If you had never experienced loneliness, how would you know how wonderful it is to be surrounded by people who love you. We were given these emotions and situations and circumstances to learn these lessons as we go.

Sometimes, you need to get quiet.  When the brain starts to kick in and tell you that you should be doing this or that…just stop for a second. Let the chatter of the mind calm down and ask yourself…”What would my heart tell me to do?”  I was given this advice from someone when I was feeling so many negative emotions and they were escalating to the point that it was too difficult to sort them all out.  And he just said, “What would the Heart Mindy say or do about this?”  Wow.  Made me really stop to think.  And it was the beginning of my journey back to myself. Just listen to your heart.  It is God’s voice.  It will never steer you wrong!

Just Listen

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