Don’t Put Off Your Dream Until Tomorrow. Live It A Little Every Day!

by Mindy Kaleta on September 11, 2014

Live it now


Don’t Put Off Your Dream Until Tomorrow Live It A Little Every Day

Ok, I have to be honest with you…I’ve been in a bit of a funk for the last couple of days.  Nothing too serious, but enough that it’s been a bit annoying.

Have you ever had a dream that you keep “perfecting yourself for”?  You know what I mean, “Let me just take one more class” then I think I can do it!  I’ve been a student for well over a year now and I love it, don’t get me wrong.  But when will it be enough for me to go ahead and launch my biz…write that e-course, record my audio series or write my next book?  Well, as I write this…it is 4:10 a.m. and I’ve been up since 12:45 after going to bed at 11:00…so I haven’t gotten that much sleep…and I am so awake right now!  When your brain won’t shut off and you are tossing and turning in bed, you may as well get up and do something productive, right?

The reason I can’t sleep…is because I just got a breakthrough!

You know the light bulb moment…a flash of lightning…a moment of inspiration that you just can’t ignore??? Yeah…that!  And here it is!  Don’t Put Off Your Dream Until Tomorrow Live It A Little Every Day!

That’s it!!!!  Why have I been waiting to LIVE MY DREAM? Why do I have to wait until something else happens to do what I love?  Why CAN’T I live it a little every day and enjoy it now?  The answer is, I CAN!  And YOU CAN TOO!

For as long as I can remember…I have wanted the following:

  • To achieve financial freedom with zero debt
  • To work from home Making a difference while Making a living
  • To have a healthy, strong body and mind
  • Find my tribe of like-minded friends
  • Live in the country with farmhouse and barn
  • and my ultimate dream of funding a horse therapy program (whether on my property or another’s) and having my own horse again

All of these things I have achieved or acquired in to a certain degree.  But I keep thinking that I have to have the whole enchilada…all of it…right here, right now…to be happy and feel like I’ve been successful!  Where did THAT crazy notion come from??  Ok, so then I get this quote in my e-mail inbox.  It says…

“You want the desire because it is the idea or the goal or the Creation that is responsible for a good amount of Life Force to flow through you. The main event is the Life Force that is flowing through you, not the manifestation. And if you don’t believe us now, wait until that manifestation has popped, and realize that its power to draw life through you will be greatly diminished. That’s why you keep wanting another goal and another goal and another goal…” – Abraham

What is this telling me…us…everyone?  That the fun…the excitement…the JOY…is in the CREATION…the Life Force that is flowing!!  Because when you reach your goals…you will choose another, and another…and another!

Live It A Little Every Day!

So,  for each of my goals…I CAN live it a little every day!

  • I CAN play the game of paying off debt a month at a time
  • I CAN (and DO) work from home Making a Difference while Making a Living
  • I CAN eat healthfully and keep my body strong…a day at a time
  • I CAN daily gather my tribe online and offline of like-minded friends
  • I DO live in a home that has a country and farmhouse feel to it (even though it’s a suburban setting with no barn…I can enjoy my home now)
  • While I’m living my dream every day and working towards financial abundance and freedom…I CAN get involved in horse therapy programs NOW and see if actually owning my own is really what I want.

Our dreams don’t have to wait until  someday…because seriously…if we wait…some day may never come. Taking small steps on a daily basis towards our dreams and living a little every day…THAT is the JOY…the HAPPINESS…the Life Force that we all crave!

What can YOU do…to live your dream every day?

Now you can post directly to my facebook page Ladybugs-A-Plenty! (below) or comment by clicking the {comment} below!  Let me know your thoughts on this!  I am eager to hear of the dreams you are living each day! 🙂 






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