by Mindy Kaleta on March 10, 2014


Dealing With Your Ride of Emotions


Feeling a little disatisfied with the way your life has been going?  Things don’t seem to be adding up?  No matter what you do, it feels like you take one step forward and two steps backward?  Yeah, I’ve felt like that also…too many times to count!  Usually, I’ll wallow in it for a few days, but then one day I wake up and I’m determined to try again.  I hope that’s your usual MO too, because it does help to acknowledge the emotion and feel it.  Why do I say that?  Because when you try to push the emotion away, it just comes back with a vengence.

When we push against something and shout no to it, we just include it in our vibration and it shows up more and more in our space. But when we allow our emotions to surface and stop trying to stuff them down, say we shouldn’t be feeling that way or refuse to allow our bodies to feel the emotion…that’s when we get into trouble with emotions getting trapped.  Trapped in our bodies, in our cells and in our memory. And it will take some doing to get them back up again, so you can deal with them and be done with it!

Guys tend to have this under control better than we women, although I have seen some men who deal with this issue the same as we women do, but for the majority of men, when they get upset, angry or frustrated with something, they DO something physical.  They may go to the gym and have the longest, toughest workout they can muster. Or they will grab a friend and go play a sport such as tennis or basketball.  Some guys just want to forget everything and go for a few rounds of golf.  At any rate they DO something with their bodies to get that emotion moving and headed out. Then they tend to forget it! That’s one thing that I admire about men, is that they usually don’t let it fester forever. But the secret ingredient to all this is that they move their bodies, allow the emotion…get angry with the ball or some other type of good release and then let…it…go.

Haven’t you ever had a time when the more you tried NOT to think about something the more it became WHAT you thought about all day long!  I have! Then I would tell myself that I’m a terrible person for even thinking whatever it was and then I would feel guilty and bad about myself. But when I take the emotion and thoughts that I’m thinking and allow myself, either on paper or out loud to myself, with words or with physical activity such as hitting a pillow or a punching bag (if need be!! You know you’ve been there!! ;)…anything to get the emotion out in the open and say what I really want to say and get it over with…the negative feelings and emotions seem to leave that much more quickly.

We were created with emotions and feelings and all that it entails.  It’s not bad to experience them. It’s a part of life.  The problem is, most people aren’t in control of their emotions and feelings and allow them to run rampant through their lives and then beat themselves up for even having them!  That’s a little crazy…and I’ve bought into it too…many times.  Our emotions are one of THE greatest gifts that we’ve been given!!  That’s what sets us apart in this world…that we can enjoy the many phases of the human emotions and live to tell about it and become more of who we are because of them!

So, next time you experience frustration, anger, fear, jealousy, joy, love, happiness, excitement or any other human emotion…take the time, in a safe place, to experience them all.  Give them a chance to teach you, to guide you and to bring you out on the other side.  Just know that no matter what you are feeling or experiencing…it is YOUR experience.  Even when you think that it’s because of someone else…it’s really your choice of how to react to the situation and that YOU have the choice AND the power to change that.

“Change the way you think about things and the things you think about change.” – Wayne Dyer


So, Take Your Power Back!  Don’t allow yourself to wallow in any negative emotional stuff.  But DO lather up in the positive emotions and GET EXCITED as all get out!!  We are only reacting to what our perception is of whatever is happening. And that is with our filters in place. But if we just allow the experience, scream, shout, get physical in a safe way…run that mile, punch that bag, hit that ball, be kind to yourself, CRY…LET IT ALL OUT…and then be done with it we will begin to experience our emotions in a much healthier way.  It will take some practice to really get this one down, but it’s so worth the effort!

Wishing you fun with all of your emotions!  

Enjoy them!!  They are a gift!


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