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MindypicHello! Thanks for stopping by!  My entire life, I have been seeking out alternative solutions for the chemicals and toxins that we are exposed to every day and taking a more natural approach to life. And to tell you the truth, I found it to be a little haphazard and inconsistent to be of any lasting use.  But recently I’ve been searching for a one-stop-shop for all my family’s household, physical, emotional, nutritional & personal care needs.  And I have found what I was looking for!!  Well…maybe I should just tell you…My Story:

Ok…I’ve always been a little on the “high strung” side.  Just ask any of my family and close friends.  You know the kind, Type A personality, driven, people pleaser 24-7, work-a-holic, perfectionist, over-the-top dedication to doing the “right thing” and “being nice”.  But while that worked well for me in the past (or in retrospect…maybe not so well), it finally took its toll on me physically, mentally and emotionally.

It should have been more apparent to me earlier in life, that the fact that I was hospitalized for 3 days when I was just 7 years old for what they then called…”nerves”, that I was prone to be of an extremely sensitive constitution…now known as HSP…and also destined to end up with all of the characteristics listed above…but it wasn’t so apparent.

Life happens and you’re an adult and you wake up one day and your life is out of control.  We all know that self-care is important, but we keep pushing it to the limit and to the back of our minds while continuing the less than perfect lifestyle.


My Search for a Natural Solution

I had started taking some classes for building your own blog/website and noticed that a lot of the people taking these classes were also extremely excited about a company that distributes therapeutic-grade essential oils and natural toxin-free products.

In my research, I found that essential oils can actually penetrate the cells of our bodies and instead of bombarding the body with chemicals to “make” the body change, it “supports” the cell naturally in the cell’s natural know-how to bring itself into balance again. This made sense to me and I wanted to know more!

I also found that my lifestyle had depleted my body to the point that if I didn’t get serious about self-care and my own health, there would be consequences that I was not willing to face.

So, I joined the Young Living family and today with the help of essential oils and the nutritional support of the Young Living products, I am on my way to supporting myself and my family naturally and creating a much better lifestyle for me, my husband and our pets!

Thanks for listening. Maybe you feel stressed with life, have too many things on your plate, running from one thing to another too or you just want a more natural alternative for your household. If any of this resonates and you want to know more, click on the link below.  There is a wealth of information waiting for you!

Wishing you peace, love and greater Wellness, Purpose and Abundance in every area of your life!

Mindy Kaleta

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