Events, Classes & Workshops

Ladybug Junction Farm – A Unique Learning & Healing Experience!


This project will include:

Just 4 Kids Classes & Workshops

School Visits

·        The READ program at The Big Red Reading Barn where kids Pre-K – 6th Grade can read to the animals, meet and learn about the farm animals, play on the natural playground & be refreshed and ready to go back to the classroom.

·        FREE TAKE HOME – book of their favorite animal from the farm store & choose a book from the FREE lending library!

Other Kid’s Programs

·        Be Kind, Be Fit, Be Me! – Where kids 1) learn the importance of kindness to animals (teaching respect, compassion for themselves and others), 2) taking good care of themselves with healthy food and exercise (encouraging a healthy lifestyle) and 3) discovering and celebrating who they really are (self-esteem).

·        Me & My Pup! – Puppy Training Classes for Kids – Based on Don’s book Puppy Scents, The Kid’s Guide to Puppy Care endorsed by Jack Hanna of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium!

·        Small Animal Classes – Learn how to care for smaller animals such as gerbils, hamsters, fish (Wet Pets!) and other small animal pals!


Adult Classes, Workshops & Events

·        Yoga & Meditation in the Pasture

·        Essential Oils for your Family, Animals & Well-Being


·        #AHAPPYSAFEPLACETOCALLHOME Support Group  – A  resource, connection & support to all who selflessly serve humanity & animals AND to offer educational & self-care resources to help take care of YOU so you can continue to do the work you do for the long haul.

·        Healthy Meals for Families on the Go!

·        OPEN BARN DAYS!

·        And MORE!


Why does this mean so much to us?

We (Don and Mindy) are dedicated to making the world a kinder, more respectful and compassionate place to live.

As authors/publishers ourselves, we believe Our Mission to “Bring people & animals together in friendship through READING, LEARNING and the LOVE of BOOKS” is one way to accomplish that.

Getting kids outside in the fresh air, to meet up-close and personal with the animals, learn about them and acquire a deeper understanding of them and who they are will create lasting friendships and memorable moments resulting in kids becoming respectful, kind and compassionate adults.