Facebook Biz Page Set Up

facebook set up.

Facebook Biz Page Set Up ~ 


  • Choosing a classification & Complete Basic Information
  • Links & Settings
  • Design & Installation of cover photo and profile pic
  • Unique Design header option
  • Guidelines on how to post good content


Sometimes it can be confusing and frustrating to set up your facebook page, especially if you are new to the “business” options of Facebook.  That’s where I can step in to help!

I will gather information from you regarding your page and how you wish your brand to shine through.

I will complete your profile and contact information and links, check your settings, upload your profile picture and cover photo.  If you are looking for a unique facebook header, I can assist with that!

Don’t wait to get your message and business rockin’ on facebook! 

If you still have questions you can click here to CONTACT ME for a free consult!

If you know that you are ready to go, click below and let’s get started!

Facebook Business Page Set-Up


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