Feeling Frustration, Anger or Fear?

by Mindy Kaleta on February 11, 2014


Feeling Frustration, Anger or Fear?


This week has been a bit of a challenge for me.  Not sure why, but I’ve been a little on the emotional side.  Ok, I’m ALWAYS on the emotional side, because I’m intense, driven and wanting to live life to the fullest every day.  I mean it!  I feel emotions more intensely than the average Sue…but we’ll talk about that another time.

Now, I’m usually quite the positive gal…I love to be busy with things that I love but when I start to question whether what I’m doing is in alignment with who I am, it sort of throws me for a bit.  Then the self-doubt comes in and overwhelm…which spirals me into that feeling of frustration, fear and anger that I’ve allowed myself to get there!

But I am learning…day by day…to notice when I’m in that space and to quickly turn my attention to better feeling thoughts. It doesn’t mean that I am a failure. It doesn’t mean that I’m inauthentic. All that it means is that I have separated myself from who I really am by putting my attention to thoughts or situations or activities that don’t serve me. And that separation is the reason that I feel so awful.

When you are separated from who you really are…which is your true Source…you feel the discord.  I think this quote from Abraham says it best.

“But if, in any moment, you feel frustration or anger or fear, if you feel powerless, if you feel those negative emotions that feel so awful to you, all that it means is that, in this moment, you’ve got something going on in your mind. You’re probably talking about it; you’re probably blogging about it–you’ve got something going on in your mind where you are not anywhere near the vicinity of who-you-really-are. And the negative emotion that you feel is your indication of separation. Now, separation is too strong a word, but we want to get your attention with it. When you feel negative emotion, it simply means you’re not keeping up with You.” – The Vortex,  Teachings of Abraham

So, what can you do when you are feeling so awful?  Reach for a better feeling thought. Do something that you love. Put your attention on what brings you joy.  Look for things to be happy about, even if there aren’t that many.  Turn on a funny movie or your favorite comedian to get those belly laughs going.  Play with a baby.  Spend time with your dog or cat. Put yourself in places where you will feel good!!

Ok, so today, the sun IS shining here in central Ohio (rare for mid February)…but I am sooooo grateful for it!  Whenever it decides to peek out from behind the clouds, it’s a day to celebrate!!  Soooo, even though we have around 4-7 inches of snow on the ground and it’s 19 degrees…I’m getting out of my office and go run some errands…(we need food!)  But before I head to the grocery store, I’m gonna sit in my car at the park and soak up the sunshine with my heater on and my windows down and look at the beautiful park…with it’s fresh beautiful snow and writing in my journal all the things that I am grateful for in the present moment and recording all those things that I am looking forward to in the next few months.

Today, I will reconnect with who-I-really-am.  I am not frustration, anger or fear.  I am usually excited, passionate and loving…wanting to jump out of bed and get into my day. And I won’t allow this feeling of temporary separation keep me there any longer than is necessary.  These moments have their purpose.  Because when you know what you don’t want, you know what you do want.  And when you go through that process, you are asking for the improvement, asking for the improvement, asking for the improvement…which is the juice of life.

So, feel the frustration, the anger…the fear…and then let it go! Focus on the improvement.  And go with it!


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