FRIENDSHIP – One of Three Core Values at Ladybug Junction Farm

by Mindy Kaleta on April 4, 2017

FRIENDSHIP – One of Three Core Values at Ladybug Junction Farm

Ladybug Junction Farm

“Where ANIMALS and KIDS come together in FRIENDSHIP

through READING, LEARNING and the LOVE of BOOKS!”


You see there is a small animal sanctuary, educational center and reading barn that keeps flashing through my mind.  I can see it! Sometimes it feels so real, I almost think we are there! You know, kind of like those virtual reality glasses that are trending now days?

I don’t really  need those glasses though, because I have a very vivid imagination and a brain that can envision it all!


I can see it NOW!


I see the home we will be residing in…the educational center…and the soon to be famous Reading Barn!

I can see the goats frolicking and playing little goat games.

I see little horses grazing with the herd in the fields.

I can picture cows, sheep and maybe a llama or two!!!

As I sit here I can envision our farm coming to life!  I can SEE the animals interacting with children and adults!  I can HEAR the positive stories of the animals and how they want to engage in “FRIENDSHIP” with trustworthy humans.   I can FEEL the excitement of the children as they READ a favorite book from the barn library to one of the animals who is willing to listen. Yes, I can SEE, HEAR and FEEL it all!

Then I awaken from my daydreaming and come back to the present moment and I am more eager than ever to take the steps…one step…each day…towards making this “dream” a reality!

Why Focus on FRIENDSHIP?

Because being friends is so much more than just a “knowing” about a horse…a cow…a sheep…a goat. FRIENDSHIP implies more.


True FRIENDS don’t hurt FRIENDS.  They look out for one another!

This is just one small way of creating a world where KINDNESS reigns and every living being is RESPECTED for WHO HE IS!

There are two other Core Values at Ladybug Junction Farm

Next time, we will be talking about EDUCATION and why we consider that a vital and core value at the farm in everything we do!





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