Health and Emotional Freedom

by Mindy Kaleta on March 5, 2014

Health and Emotional Freedom

Health and Emotional Freedom


It’s been a known fact for years that our emotions affect our health.  Remember the saying, “Mind over Body”?  How we think, feel and what we say to ourselves, has a profound affect on our everyday health.

When we are casual about allowing any ole thing to come into our space, about what we say to ourselves and others and doing what is opposite of what we feel…there are going to be some consequences.

I know this to be true in my own life.  Boy, do I know it! For a big portion of my life…I have been careless concerning my own physical and emotional health.  I mean, it didn’t occur to me that I was important enough to change my eating habits, my lack of exercise to a healthy activity level or to guard the gates of my mind and emotions and protect them from assault.  No, that didn’t enter my mind, because I was too busy doing and being what I thought everyone in the world needed me to be for them.

This may sound familiar to you too!  I’m not special in this way of thinking.  A lot of people get caught in this cycle of self-destruction at one time or another in life. And if you are lucky enough to catch on quickly…it will serve you all the days of your life in putting together the good emotional boundaries as well as all the good health practices.

Taken from Lissa Rankin, MD’s book Mind Over Medicine, there’s a quote from the Chapter – Redefining Health:

“The great majority of us are required to live a life of constant, systematic duplicity.  Your health is bound to be affected if, day after day, you say the opposite of what you feel, if you grovel before what you dislike and rejoice in what brings you nothing but misfortune. Our nervous system isn’t just a fiction, it’s part of our physical body, and our soul exists in space and is inside us, like teeth in our mouth.  It can’t be forever violated with impurity.”  – Boris Pasternak, Doctor Zhivago

Practicing A Healthy Lifestyle Isn’t Enough

Eating all the right things, taking your vitamins, drinking your “green juices” and making your smoothies, are all great things to do and have a profound affect on your health!  I work on doing those things every day! Exercise and healthy activity is also important to our health. Our bodies were made to receive good food and to move it! And when one of those components is missing, there will be a breakdown.

But doing those things alone, without addressing our emotional health is where we sometimes “miss the boat”.

My Story

In June of 2012, I experienced a health crisis that made it apparent that my lifestyle had depleted my body to the point that if I didn’t get serious about self-care and my own health, there would be consequences that I would not be willing to face. (To read my entire story – Click Here!)

You see…I’ve always been a little on the “high strung” side. You know the kind, Type A personality, driven, people pleaser 24-7, workaholic, perfectionist, over-the-top dedication to doing the “right thing” and “being nice”. But while that worked well for me in the past (or in retrospect…maybe not so well), it finally took its toll on my physical, mental and emotional health.

So I woke up one day and found that my life was out of control. We all know that self-care is important, but we keep pushing it to the limit and to the back of our minds while continuing our less than perfect lifestyle…and that’s exactly what I had done! Until one day…

I was driving home from a family event, with other family members in the car, and I had a full-blown panic attack.  I pulled over so someone else could drive and got home as soon as I could.  At this point I wasn’t sure if I needed medical attention or not, but it soon became apparent that I certainly did!  My husband called the paramedics and I was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Test results showed very little, except for the fact that I was a little low in potassium.  I was instructed to follow-up with my doctor on Monday to discuss possible solutions.  So, what was going on then? Why did I feel this way? There has to be a physical reason why…or maybe emotional…or mental…or maybe it was all tied up together.  But at any rate, I was feeling a little embarrassed that there was seemingly nothing physically wrong with me!

After doctor consultations, reading and a lot of soul-searching, I had come upon a solution to recovering from my life of constant stress, lack of boundaries and generally not practicing good “Extreme Self-Care”.  It was something much deeper and a little more complex than just popping a pill or a quick fix.

Certainly it is still feeding my physical body the best foods that I can find and those that will nourish me instead of tear me down.  Yes, it is also getting enough exercise and pulling myself away from my computer and taking a walk with my dogs or doing something that will refresh my tired computer eyes and weary slumped body over the keyboard.  BUT…it is getting to the bottom of why I feel the need to be a workaholic, so driven that I won’t stop until like the energizer bunny I fall over from exhaustion!

Claiming Your Health with Emotional Freedom

Lissa Rankin, MD has given this a lot of thought and in her book, Mind Over Medicine talks about, as she calls it, a “radical new kind of patient intake”.

“That’s when I began asking my patients two mother-lode questions. ‘What do you think might lie at the root of your illness?’ AND most important, ‘What does your body need in order to heal?’ “

Wow!!  She was expecting answers like, “I have this or that…physical ailment…”…but what she got was quite different.   Patients were saying things like, “I need to start that book that I’ve been wanting to write…”  “I need to go back to school…”  “I’m miserable in my marriage…”  “I hate my job…”.  Not what she was expecting at all!

This is such an important topic, especially to me, since I have suffered for years with physical ailments that were manifesting not from just what I was eating or doing as far as exercise…but my ailments were manifesting because I wasn’t following my intuition or listening to my body.  I was placing myself in situations that were unhealthy emotionally and thinking that was the right thing to do. When in retrospect…was actually taking me down a path to illness.

I will be talking about this again on Friday because it is so near and dear to my heart that I want to share with others who are experiencing similar things, a way to break free.  Emotional Freedom is something that I value highly and anything that I can do to help myself and others in this journey to Emotional Freedom…I believe…is part of my life’s purpose.

I would love for you to join me on my Facebook page and connect with me about this important subject!  I’ll be hangin’ out over there!!  Don’t be shy! This is important!!  We are all in this together and TOGETHER we can restore our Health and gain our Emotional Freedom!

P.S.  I’ve been at the keyboard for about three hours!!  Time to practice what I preach!!  I’m outta here! Time to move my body and play with my furbabies!!!  

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