Here you have a VOICE. Here you are SOMEONE. Here you MATTER

by Mindy Kaleta on November 9, 2016



As we awaken today with a new president elect, no matter who you are or who you voted for, you probably feel like you’ve just been through a major earthquake. It doesn’t matter who your candidate of choice was, we’ve all felt some major shifts.

Today…just for today…I invite you to be light and easy on yourself and others.

I have a picture in my mind after these some 18 months to 2 years of political saturation of most of walking around like the living dead.

But we are NOT the living dead. We are still alive. We are still here.

We are still Americans who have spoken.

That in itself is something to celebrate.

We do have a voice. We have expressed our voice. And the people have chosen a new president.

It may not be my choice or your choice, but it is the choice of the people.

What can we do today in the wake of all this?

If your candidate won, celebrate! You worked hard. It’s time to celebrate your accomplishments!

If your candidate did not win, celebrate the fact that you participated in an election that allowed you to use your VOICE and SPEAK YOUR TRUTH!


Do something you love today!  

Do something that will put a smile on your face.  

And never…ever… question or give up on your dreams!

We still have dreams that we want to see come to fruition. We still have the the power over our own thoughts.  We still have our VOICE to SPEAK our TRUTH!

If turning the TV on will boost you up…go for it! If it won’t…don’t watch and go do something that makes you feel better.

Maybe take some time for yourself today. (for me?  Just got an email that I have a free dessert at Panera! I’m headed out to get a cookie!)

But seriously…The important questions now are:

  • What do you desire?
  • Each day move closer towards those desires
  • Always do what you love and what lights you up
  • Continue to use your Voice and Speak your Truth!

This is the America we live in! This is our birthright!

Maybe right now you feel as if your VOICE wasn’t heard. That YOU weren’t SOMEONE and that you just didn’t MATTER.

But your VOICE was heard, you continue to be SOMEONE and you continue to MATTER.



As Don and I move towards our dream of the farm…our motto is clear:14681633_10209216109633755_8308961706263435091_n

“Here you have a VOICE. Here you are SOMEONE. Here you MATTER.”

That includes everyone:

  • ourselves – because if we aren’t taking good care of ourselves, we won’t be able to care for our new family of furkids
  • the animals we adopt into our family – because they deserve to have a voice in how they are treated in this world, to feel like they are someone & that they matter
  • and all who visit Ladybug Junction Farm – because it is our hope that all will find the farm a unique learning & healing experience; as they visit and connect with the animals and hear their new positive stories.

We all have been telling the story of what is.  

Telling a new story can change everything!

What we choose to focus on… will be our experience.

Whatever we put our attention on… especially with passion…will be the story we live.

What story will YOU “live” today?




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