How Your Dream Life Can Make the World A Better Place

by Mindy Kaleta on September 9, 2014


How Your Dream Life Can Make the World A Better Place

“I’ve always been told I’m a dreamer…but that dreams are just a pie in the sky.”

“It’s selfish to follow your dreams now…you’ve got responsibilities.”

“It’s best to wait until the kids are through college…when we retire…then we can go for our dreams.”

Any of these sound familiar?

I bet they do! I certainly have heard them a time or two!  But what if they aren’t true?  What if your dreams are NOT just a pie in the sky…what if it was selfish for you to put off  “going for it” right here, right now? What if you followed your dreams…found a way…made some good choices that would ALLOW your dreams to be a reality TODAY?

I know, I know…I’ve made just about every argument against my dreams for years…and here I am with the kids out of the house and still having some difficulty putting a few of them into place!

What makes us play so small?  Is it because we believe that we can’t or that we aren’t enough?  Is it just plain old fear? Or could it be that we just feel like our dreams are selfish and we don’t deserve them. Possibly a little of each.

But what if we could make a contribution to the world by following our dreams? What if we could make a difference while making a living?  Where did we get the idea that it was responsible, mature and adult-like to work for 30-40 years in a J.O.B. that doesn’t ring our bells just because that’s what grown-up people do?

C’mon! There has to be a better way!

We didn’t come into this life hoping to just get by, make sure that we don’t disappoint anyone or drag our bodies to work everyday hoping that the “Dream Fairy” will come along and sprinkle all our dream life sparklies over us and BAAAMM! we have the perfect life!

If you’ve got a dream, it’s up to YOU to feed it,

nurture it and bring that baby to life!

Ok, so you may need a little more encouragement on this…so here goes! This is how your dream life can make the world a better place:

  • People who follow their dreams are happier, more positive and upbeat (and that in itself makes for a better world) Following your dreams just makes you want to wake up early and get into your day…even on a Monday!!!
  • When you “go for it” you inspire others to do the same!
  • Those who believe in their dreams create momentum that sets life in motion!
  • People who live their dream life are more likely to stand up for others, fund a cause and are more involved in their community.
  • Dream Lifers seek out their soul mate, raise amazing children who will grow up to be amazing adults and contribute to society and learn to trust and follow their dreams too!
  • I could go on and on!!

Have I inspired you enough to just step outside your comfort zone to try something?  Grab a pen and paper and dig into the cobwebs of your brain and drag out those old dreams that you’ve swept under the rug.  Go way back…to your childhood…what were the dreams you had as a child?  In your middle school years…was there something you couldn’t seem to get out of your mind?  What about as a teen?  Young adult?  Now…???  Write them down!  Take a good look at your life and see if what you are doing is anywhere close to what you always dreamed you could do.  It’s not too late…it’s never too late to…

LiveYour Dream! (2) B lue

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