Job Loss, Broken Bones, Surgeries & How we made it Through!

by Mindy Kaleta on November 4, 2016

Oh, my goodness…where do I start? 

Well, first off I want to say…I owe you an apology!

As you can tell…there’s been a lot going on this past year!  Holy Batman!

First of the year started with a loss of a job, and with that of course a loss of income.

Then came a trip over the dog and a fall down a flight of stairs resulting in a broken hand, two surgeries and again…loss of another income!

At times my husband and I felt like, we couldn’t catch a break!

But as is frequently the case when circumstances take a nose dive…you begin to see a silver lining.  And instead of dwelling on all that seemingly went wrong in our lives this year, I want to focus on that “silver lining”!

14611108_982689685176253_3572640888440002208_nLet me introduce someone to you.  Here is my handsome husband Don.  While that in itself could be considered a “silver lining”, if we hadn’t had a strong relationship, this past year could have been so much worse!

You see, my sweetie and I made a conscious choice to keep our spirits high and our vibrations up as often as was physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually possible this year and not to have too many complete meltdowns in the presence of each other because we knew if we didn’t, we both would go racing down the rabbit hole!

So, there were many times when Don would belt out a Herb Albert song on the trumpet, sweet sounds coming from the piano (with our dog singing at the top of his lungs) or feeling the beat of a full set of drums!  He also resorted to a lot of physical workouts which of course included…rock tunes cheering him on.

Me, I had lots of time to give thought to what we really wanted to be doing with our lives. Was this all there was?  Was life nothing more than all about waiting for the next crisis to come that could throw you into a tailspin of insecurity, fear and frustration?  We’ve always had a positive attitude about life, but this past year was quite the challenge for us and we were in uncharted waters.

By June, Don was gainfully employed and I was on the mend.  I had joined a Facebook group online, with a stated focus on Joy, being present to serve and how to find and use your gifts in making a difference in the world.  This awesome group was my mainstay as Don and I continued to dig ourselves out of the pit we had been thrown into.

What I learned was we had control over our lives and we didn’t have to cave into our circumstances.  And what we could do was a little unconventional.  A little wacky, some would say. But what we could do is revisit our dreams and see if they still had any viability of being realized.

You’ve heard stories of people that when all went to hell in a hand basket that since they had lost almost everything and had nothing to lose, is when their dreams really came to life, right?  And when you are in that desperate place where you feel your dreams may never become reality…is when you have the choice either to give it all up…or GO FOR IT!  Being the crazy, wacky couple that we are…and because our desires for our dreams are pretty doggone strong…we decided to GO FOR IT!

What could we lose? Right?

That’s how Ladybug Junction Farm came to life! 

Now, this dream…is a really BIG one! And I guess if you’re gonna GO FOR IT, you might as well GO BIG!!!

What is Ladybug Junction Farm?

It’s an animal sanctuary meets education & learning meets writing & publishing books meets teaching people to live their dreams! 

More to come in the days, weeks and months ahead…but if you’ve ever wanted to see your own dreams realized…we encourage you to connect with us to stay updated on the progress of seeing our farm realized!

Thanks for listening and never, ever give up on your dreams!

Here is how to stay in touch:

Our Facebook Page: Ladybug Junction Farm – Mindy J Kaleta

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