Kids, Pups, Friendship & the Outdoor Connection

by Mindy Kaleta on March 14, 2018

Kids, Pups, Friendship & the Outdoor Connection

We all know that kids are not getting out doors enough these days. One way to help motivate kids to play outside, or even just “go” outside may be to add a furry friend to the family!

As a trainer, I know the words, “Mom can we get a puppy?”…can send chills through some parents! I mean, those words can ignite anxiety, fear and thoughts of “Oh, yeah – we can get a puppy and it will lose it’s charm soon when the newness wears off and the puppy will not be “our” puppy, but “my” puppy!

And that is a viable concern! I know, I’ve heard many a parent’s woes as they sat in my Puppy Kindergarten classes and filled me in on the chaos, chewed up shoes and soiled carpets while the kids were busy with other things.


Our mission here at Puppy Scents is to help parents and their kids make it through the puppy stage while encouraging the kids to take a more active role in caring for the new pup. Another important focus is in the bonding of kids & pups to become “best friends furever”! When kids see their pup as their BFF, the pup is included in activities and tends to become a true respected member of the family.


Here’s a few ways to get kids and pups outside!

Puppies need to go out to go potty…a lot!

Setting up a schedule for the kids to take turns helping Fido get outside to go potty, gets kids outside too!

Puppies need exercise to stay out of trouble!

Parents don’t realize that lack of exercise is the #1 reason that pups misbehave! They are just plain bored out of their little minds!

Giving the kids the responsibility of taking their pup for a walk or playing with Fido outside after school, and on weekends will help tremendously in keeping the chaos to a minimum and saving quite a few articles of clothing, furniture and anything else your pup may try to chew!

As parents, you know that this is true for kids too! When they have nothing to do, it can be challenging! The fresh air and exercise will help both the kids and pups be healthier and happier!

Kids & Pups can become “Best Friends Furever”!


Someone to Run with!

A Pal to Explore with!


A Buddy to Read with!

And So Much More!!!

If YOU can see the benefits of adding a “Fur”ever Friend to YOUR Family,

please check out your local shelter, humane society or rescue!

 There is someone waiting for YOU!


Your “Fur”ever Friend is Waiting for YOU!

Could use some help? 


The Parent’s Guide

The Kid’s Guide




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