How To Know If Your Why Is Strong Enough

by Mindy Kaleta on September 18, 2014

Is your -WHY- strong enough to carry you (1)


How To Know If Your Why Is Strong Enough

Ok, if you are wondering…what “Why” is she talking about?….then you may want to go back to my previous post Are You Settling For Less Than You Deserve?…and catch up!  There we talked about settling instead of going for the full enchilada dream and the reason you may be doing that…which brings us to the “WHY” you have to have that full enchilada dream, “Why” you can’t stop thinking about it, “WHY” it is all consuming and “WHY” not having it…not achieving it…not honoring your “WHY”…can leave you feeling like a failure, feeling time is running out…and that there will be regrets at the end of your life you won’t be able to bear.  So, C’Mon!  No one has to live with regrets!! NO ONE!! You have a choice!! (don’t shake your head…or give me some lame excuse why you think you don’t have a choice…or you can’t have your dream or whatever…I’ve gone down that road and it ain’t pretty! So, stop it!)  We all have choice!

Recently I shared a facebook pic by Mandy Hale The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a dash of Sass that had these words:

“Ten years from now, make sure that you can say that you CHOSE your life,

you didn’t SETTLE  for it.” 

…AND ten years turns into TWENTY…THIRTY…FORTY…if you don’t watch out!  Time just slips away somehow and then we say to ourselves, “Why didn’t I just go for it?”  Ok, so right here, right now…I’m ready (if you are ready) to help you through this process, okay?  I too have a dream that I don’t want to drop…I want to GO FOR IT too!!!  So, let’s do this together, eh?  It’s always nice to have a friend who understands and will walk the journey with you ONE-STEP-AT-A-TIME.  So, first let’s define the “WHY”…so we are both clear what the heck it really is!

What IS  the “WHY” and what is so important about it?

Have you ever wanted to accomplish something, set up a plan or one of those “New Year’s Resolutions” and about two weeks into it…you had forgotten all about it?  Yea,  me too!  Maybe you wanted to lose a few pounds, or make more time for yourself or eat healthier and you were really going to do it this time! Well, I know what you are thinking…”Thanks for bringing up all the times I have failed Mindy! Using guilt? Not a good motivator!”  No, no…hear me out…lol…I wouldn’t do that to you.  We’ve all been there. I don’t know how many times I’ve vowed to exercise and eat a healthy diet and stick to it…and well, you know what I did as well! Yup, you’re right! Forgot about it and then the self-loathing and feelings of failure kick in.  No wonder we don’t want to try again. It’s just too dang painful!

But that’s okay, we need the painful experience to know that we don’t want it and to motivate us to find out what it is we DO want! Discovering “WHY” those resolutions didn’t work, you will be much more gentle with yourself.  You didn’t know the key ingredient that we all were missing…and that is…”knowing your “WHY”…and is it strong enough”.

According to Robert Kiyosaki from his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad your “why” simply is this:

“In simple terms, the ‘why’ is often just a mental environment. As rich dad said,
‘Change your environment… change your life.’ Changing or expanding your ‘why’ can
also change your life. For example, it is hard to reach your goals, regardless of how much
you study and learn, if you have a weak spirit or a ‘can’t do’ mentality. That is why the
‘why’ is more important than ‘how to’.”

So, you see…Your “why” sets the stage for:

  • adopting new core beliefs
  • discarding those that don’t align with your purpose
  • setting S.M.A.R.T. goals to get there
  • changing your friends, your environment
  • your mind’s mindset to change

Robert says, success is not about talent, charisma or money.  Success is found in the mind, in the mind’s “why”.

If your dialog with yourself is, “Nobody listens to me”…”I can’t do this”…”God doesn’t want me to do this”…”I’m just not talented enough, smart enough or have what it takes to get there” then nothing you do will be strong enough to change that. You must change your thought patterns before anything else!

I told you this was an important subject and it’s deep…really deep…like we need to develop a class kind of deep!! (And I’m considering it right now!  This has helped me so much that I just can’t NOT share this with everyone I know and love! But more on that at a later date!)

Two questions for you to ponder until next time. Take a pen and paper…yes, I really mean to take out a pen and paper…or your laptop…or tablet and get ready to discover what you “LOVE” and what you “HATE”. (this is also from his book…you really may want to grab a copy for yourself! It’s powerful!)

Now…two questions to ask yourself (and get really specific)  Based on Robert’s book again…

“So what keeps you going? What is it that motivates you to spend your precious time
doing what it takes, to reach the financial life (or life goal) you want for yourself?

The answer is:
Your Reason Why.”

What inspires and motivates you?

#1 Question:  What do I LOVE…ecstatically LOVE about my dream or goal?

#2 Question:  What do I HATE…absolutely HATE about NOT achieving this dream or goal?

Just seeing these two revelations on paper will start those wheels in your brain turning!!  Don’t see how yet? That’s okay. Just keep writing!  Next blog post will build on this…“Finding My WHY and Doing What I LOVE”.



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