Live Your Dream…always!

by Mindy Kaleta on March 19, 2017


Since my last post, we’ve been getting questions about where our Ladybug Junction Farm is located and/or when it will be open.

Let us clarify. We too are super excited about Ladybug Junction Farm…BUT… we are not quite ready to be “open for business” so to speak!

I know!  It’s tough to hold back our enthusiasm too!

But…let me assure you…we are working diligently to bring it to fruition in real life!

To be honest…this dream has been going on for quite some time now!  

Don and I are both in love with this farm dream and it just won’t let go of us!

It’s a big undertaking!  I mean…seriously!!!  Think about it.

First – we need and want to be solid and secure before launching something with other lives at stake.  The last thing we wish to do it to start this venture without appropriate items in place or funds to support whatever may come up on the farm or for the animal family members we adopt.

We are looking into applying and acquiring a 501c3 designation, writing up a business plan and other legal and funding considerations.

Second – to make this a reality, of course we will need to acquire the right property area and zoning to accommodate the needs of the type of farm we offer.  We are also planning on being on-sight founders and want to get settled in before we start adding to our new animal family.

Third –   running a farm such as this requires an entrepreneurial spirit!  Don and I certainly do possess that! Mindy has been an entrepreneur for 20+ years and looking forward to using her talents, skills and expertise to run the farm, care for the animals and overseeing the activities and events.

Don’s background in building maintenance and working for AT&T for 36 years brings solid expertise in acquiring, building and maintaining our farm property and projects.

As we speak, we are gathering our team of advisers and partners to assist us!


The truth is…

…for years…our farm dreams have been hanging in the background of our minds. I am a Life Coach,  Author and Publisher (Kaleta Publishing, LLC); offering programs, assistance, coaching and mentoring…with a lot of computer windshield time.

Instead, what my heart wanted more than anything was to move to the country, engage with animals,

promote a love for reading and books, writing and publishing…especially when it comes to children.

Our focus for the farm is two-fold. Children’s Literacy and Animal Advocacy. 

We dream of the day we have our beautiful farm up and running while bus loads of kids come to engage and learn more about the animals. But more than that…to find the JOY of READING at THE READING BARN!  The farm will also include the Farm Gift and Book Store where the farm animal’s new story BOOKS will be available!

Ladybug Junction Farm…

Where kids and animals come together in friendship

through READING, LEARNING and the POWER of  BOOKS!

What better way than a beautiful natural farm setting where kids and animals

can meet up, interact and become Best Friends Furever!


Maybe read a BOOK or two!


Do you have a dream that will NOT let go of YOU?  Listen to your heart!  Don’t waste another day NOT living your DREAM!

More to come as we continue this journey!  We hope you will follow along and SIGN UP to receive updates as they become available!

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