Living With Uncertainty

by Mindy Kaleta on November 6, 2013



Living With Uncertainty


Are you living with uncertainty these days?  Don’t know when the job is going to come?  Or the money is coming in?  Scared that you won’t be able to find the right relationship or the right guy or gal will never come along?  Not sure if you will meet the bills next week or be able to buy groceries tonight?

Living with uncertainty has never been one of  my strongest suits.  I like to know what’s going on, be in charge, make things happen. But lately I’m finding that the more I desire something, the more it eludes me.  Now, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have dreams, desires and I totally believe in “getting what you wish for”, but I’ve discovered another element to this that is starting to make sense.

That element is this:  Wanting something so badly that my entire focus is only on the “wanting”, which reminds me that it hasn’t come about, which spins me into wanting it more, which takes me into realizing I don’t have it, which whirls me into…well, you get the idea!  What if, I get really clear about what I’m wanting, then just have faith, let go and let the power of God and the universe bring it to me. The “let go” part is somehow the toughest for me.  Not knowing the “how” it will come, “when” it will come or “IF, it will come”.

Let me share something personal with you. My hubby and I are wanting so badly to get moved to a different part of town.  We started well over a year ago getting the house ready.  We packed things up, cleared things out, touched things up, replaced stuff. We got a realtor,staged the house and got it on the market.  And now we wait.  We know it’s a tough market.  We know that there are many variables in selling a house and many agendas (of the sellers, buyers and everyone else involved) that are contributing factors.  We get it.  But we have a great house, it’s ready for buyers…and we think  “who wouldn’t want our house?”

But then we are reminded that maybe, there are unforeseen things that have to occur for us to get that “right house”.  And maybe the “right” buyers who are praying and yearning for their next house, that our house would be perfect for; have some things to line up as well.  It’s not just OUR dream, it’s the dreams of several families involved in this whole transaction.

And so, we are willing now…with months into the process (after taking our house off the market for a few months and then re-listing) to “let go and let God” so to speak.  We believe that “Everything is happening as it should” and we are to “trust the process.”  We have gotten very clear about what we are looking for; our dream farmhouse in the country with views of trees, water (maybe a pond), a view of a barn and horses. Now see…that may take some time to dig up!  Just the right place; because we also don’t want to have to up root again in the future.

Some of my favorite movies have dealt with this situation of the dream of moving to the country to find the perfect home.  Baby Boom, a cold tough career woman who finds her JOY working at home raising her adopted niece and running a successful business from her 62 acres in Vermont;  Funny Farm; about a sports writer who decided to leave his big NY job and move with his wife to the country in hopes of finding serenity and peace while writing his novel; while his wife discovers that she too has a passion for writing children’s books.  Love these stories!  They followed their dreams and it was not without challenges and some uncertainty or feeling that they may have made a mistake.  But that’s what life is all about!  That’s the juice!

So, how can we be happy and joyful while we wait?  Enjoy the house you have, while you are still there.  Live your life.  Continue to entertain and enjoy your home.  Waiting for your soul mate?  Engage with others and be the person you are yearning for!  Waiting for the job, the money and financial freedom?  Be a good steward with what you have now. Start doing the best job you can where you are and perform yourself out of your job; pay down those credit cards and put away some savings.  Be willing to be joyful in the here and now and watch how quickly your dreams start to materialize!

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