Mary Janice Baxter – Children’s Books Pre-School – Elementary

Mary Janice Baxter – Author & Illustrator  

When Mary was a little girl, she would gather up all of her stuffed animals and baby dolls to read stories to them. It wasn’t until years later that she would leave the corporate world of magazine publishing to find herself holding a book and reading stories to real little boys and girls. It’s said that whatever you loved to play as a child would be your dream job as an adult. Maybe this is why being a preschool teacher isn’t only Mary’s job, it’s her joy. Combining her professional careers as an artist, Master Preschool Instructor, and Certified Life Coach, Mary is excited to bring her experience to children’s literature. Whether it be empowering her readers, shedding light on a different perspective, or creating a new tradition, Mary’s intentions are clear… find an open place in your heart, plant a seed and watch it grow. Born and raised in West Los Angeles, Mary currently resides in a suburb of the city, where she can now sit back and watch her own three stars shine brightly. ~ Mary Janice Baxter



Rumble Bumble

With almost thirty one years of “Mom” experience, over twenty-five years as a Master Preschool Teacher, and over ten years as a Certified Life Coach, Mary is determined to turn every child’s dark cloud into a silver lining. ~ Mary Janice Baxter





The Brightest Star – original and military edition

The Brightest Star is a way to share your heart when you’re apart from someone you love. Through its hand painted illustrations and sweet poetic verses you will discover that no matter the distance between you and your loved one, your wishes can come true. Nurturing the difficulties of separation, The Brightest Star is a comforting place to send your “I love you,” “I miss you” and “Goodnight’s.” Want to share your love? Just purchase a second copy of The Brightest Star to gift. Use the special dedication page to personalize each (or each other’s) books, set a date and time to create the first connection, and send your love to the brightest star. So whether you are starting a new family tradition, connecting with a distant loved one or looking for spiritual comfort, your heart will never be alone once you experience the magic of The Brightest Star. The Brightest Star is available in its original format and a special U.S. Military edition. – Mary Janice Baxter



A gender-neutral book that introduces children to positive character traits. Through colorful illustrations and simplistic affirmations, children are encouraged to echo the words as you read. – Mary Janice Baxter



Meet Miss Patootie

Meet Miss Patootie! A whimsical tale of a shy witch that’s found her true niche. “Under her hat she’ll leave a trick or a treat for thirty one days until her task is complete.” Parents, teachers and coworkers grab a witches hat and play along. The ideas are endless and the fun is priceless.



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