My Good Friend…On A Bad Day!

by Mindy Kaleta on March 14, 2014


Ever have one of those days?  You know…one of those day when you’ve been in a situation where you felt you had no control over your circumstances and you knew things would get better, but you just couldn’t see it yet?

This week has been that kind of week! Well, really the last two weeks!  And I’ve wanted to scream, enough already!  C’mon!  LOL!!!  But I try to keep my cool (except for a couple little tearful meltdowns…done privately in the privacy of my own space) and just do my best to get through it all.

Hardware and software technology issues, discovering that my computer had to be replaced with a new one (Ouch!), preparing our house to be shown to buyers several times back to back in the past few weeks (we are on the market)…plus the everyday stuff and responsibilities that are piling up because of the aforementioned items…(sigh).

I know…everyone has their stuff…I get it.  And we are able to handle these things better at times than at others.  But when you’ve got three, four, five things piling themselves up against you…it gets to be a juggling act with a lot of broken plates!

So, while I was feeling a bit down about it all today, I get a call from a friend who said, “Hey, girl…just wanted to talk and felt like I should call you!”  Wow…just when I needed to get some things into perspective and a girlfriend to sort things out with…there she was!  It really was helpful!  And it wasn’t the usual, gripe session that sometimes happens with women who are having a tough time will fall into either.  She had called to say that she was having similar feelings of stress and overwhelm as I was experiencing and had decided to do some research into positive solutions and just wanted to share with me!  Whoa!  Talk about synchronicity!!!  Boy, did I need that call… and at just the right time!!  Really looking forward to what she learns with her research too!

So, here I sat…feeling like everything was going wrong…feeling so far behind in my work (due to not having my computer) and overwhelmed to the hilt…and I get this call.  After a good talk and a big and grateful thank you to her for being there at just the right time…I hung up the phone.  It was then that I realized that I had indeed accomplished everything on my list that I had wanted to do today…even though a few moments before I felt I had not.  I had a different perspective…a fresh insight…and felt very grateful to have had a friend like her in my life and showing up just when I needed it most!

So, today…even though I felt so far off my game…I realized that I was right on track.  Everything was going to be alright. And I felt warm in my heart for my all that I have, my life and so grateful for my good friend on a bad day!

I hope that you have a friend(s) in your life who are there for you as well!  If you don’t at this time, reach out to someone today and cultivate a new friendship. There is someone out there looking for you!  Do it now. You won’t regret it!



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