Oprah, Disappointment and the Next Big Thing! Part 1

by Mindy Kaleta on March 31, 2015

Oprah's Master Class - Espisode Surrender posted by Mariana Juliette

Oprah’s Master Class – Episode “Surrender” Posted by Mariana Juliette All Rights Reserved

Oprah, Disappointment and the Next Big Thing! Part 1


These past few weeks have been tough ones. It’s been some time since I’ve written a blog post because I have been so focused on my book that is soon to be released, “Stop Bending Over Backwards Trying to Please and Start Being Who You Really Are!”

But more than just the being busy with the book, I have felt a heavy weight of overwhelm. I haven’t felt well and experiencing some aches, pains and general discomfort. You know that…feeling off?  Have you felt that way before? Please tell me you have so I don’t feel like a complete crazy person! lol  But seriously, it’s definitely been “a few of those weeks” as we say.

So, I’m surfing youtube.com and I came across a video that I had seen many times before. This particular one posted by Mariana Juliette entitled “Oprah Winfrey Master Class Surrender – Very Inspirational Video”. So, I decide to have another look and listen once again.

What resulted was the biggest A-ha moment I’ve had in quite awhile. As I sat listening, I could see how my personal experience and this story of surrender had so much in common.  I said to myself, “I was supposed to see this today.”

Now…I want to share with you the key things Oprah and I have in common.

Oprah’s Obsession = The Color Purple – “I’m going to be IN the movie, The Color Purple!”

My Obsession = To work from home, doing what I love, making a living offering Self-Enrichment, Empowerment, Emotional Fitness and Life Design for Women and eventually moving to a place where I can hold retreats, workshops using animal and nature therapy to enrich the lives of others.

Oprah’s Disappointment – 

One day Oprah came across an article about a book entitled, The Color Purple. She became so obsessed with it that she immediately went out to purchase it, read it in one day and then returned to the book store to buy all the rest of the copies they had to share with others. (As she says in the video, she was already starting her passion to have a book club it seems!)

She then finds out that they plan on making a movie of the book. So, she tells all her friends and anyone else, “I’m going to be in The Color Purple! I’m going to find a way to do that!”

So, one day she receives a call from a casting agent to come in to read for a movie called “Moon Song”. She was confused and asked, “Are you sure it’s Moon Song? It’s not The Color Purple? Cuz I’ve been praying for The Color Purple.!”   He assures her it’s for Moon Song, so she agrees to go to the reading, sick with a cold and sore throat and despite the wind chills of an extremely sub-zero temp day in the middle of Chicago.

Time goes by and she doesn’t hear from anyone and decides to call the casting agent to ask what’s going on, but was met with a reprimand for calling because, “you don’t call me, I call you.” When she hung up she just knew that she was not going to get the part.

Immediately, she thinks it’s something that she’s done is the reason she’s not getting the part. So she heads to the nearest fat farm. (Isn’t that the first thing that comes to our minds? That there is something that we did wrong, or that we aren’t enough of something, that is the reason someone didn’t approve or like us?)

So she asked God…what’s the deal here? What kind of God trick is this? Why did you send me to the audition if I’m not getting the part? And in the middle of a fat farm, on a track, and in the midst of a cold and rainy Wisconsin day, a song came to her mind and she sang and prayed and cried and sang and prayed and cried some more until she could get some peace from it. The song was “I Surrender All”. She felt that if she could only make peace with it, she would be okay.

My Disappointment – 

Working has been a major part of all of my adult life. My first job was as a volunteer for what they used to call the “Candy Stripers” for a local hospital. I’ve always known that I wanted to help others, be of service and work at something meaningful. I also knew that I wanted to work from home and contribute to the family income…that was a big deal to me. I wanted to be a part of creating something great for myself and my family that could impact the world.

So, in my quest to find that meaningful employment, I’ve put my time, sweat and energy into a lot of “jobs” trying to find THE ONE that would satisfy my requirements.  I thought that working hard, learning all that I could learn and never giving up would ultimately bring me that perfect job, career or business. And so I did all those things and continue to do them even though at times I can’t see the end of the tunnel. And at this moment in time as I’m getting close to an age where most people hang up their hats and retreat to a warmer location to live out their “retirement” years, I am no where near ready to do that! I have a dream…

Looking back, I can see the journey that my life has taken. I see my accomplishments and challenges that I have faced and won but the missing link is the part where I can feel confident “taking my message to the masses while making a living solely from a home-based business where people can come to find themselves and the peace that they are looking for. ” I consider myself an entrepreneur, working from home and doing what I love…but my desire is to take it to another level.  And like Oprah, I am obsessed with it, it’s all I think about. And as Oprah felt a disappointment after the casting agent call…so I have been feeling my own disappointment.

My disappointment because I am feeling the pangs of overwhelm. Yes, I do have help, mentors and teachers and I am learning all about online marketing and the connection social media plays in all of this, but ultimately it comes down to me, the business owner, getting the work done. That’s where the overwhelm comes in. What to do first, what comes next and so on.

What comes next in Oprah’s story is where the biggest A-Ha came for me.  In next weeks blog post I will reveal what all of us have available to us when we think we are stuck in overwhelm, wallowing in disappointment and feeling like we are all alone. I think you will be inspired too!

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Have you had an experience where you felt you were doing it all alone? I want to hear your story! Please share below or  on Ladybugs-a-Plenty! facebook page. I can’t wait to hear!



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