Here you have a VOICE. Here you are SOMEONE. Here you MATTER

by Mindy Kaleta November 9, 2016

  As we awaken today with a new president elect, no matter who you are or who you voted for, you probably feel like you’ve just been through a major earthquake. It doesn’t matter who your candidate of choice was, we’ve all felt some major shifts. Today…just for today…I invite you to be light and […]

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Job Loss, Broken Bones, Surgeries & How we made it Through!

by Mindy Kaleta November 4, 2016

Oh, my goodness…where do I start?  Well, first off I want to say…I owe you an apology! As you can tell…there’s been a lot going on this past year!  Holy Batman! First of the year started with a loss of a job, and with that of course a loss of income. Then came a trip […]

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Choosing what excites you!

by Mindy Kaleta April 19, 2016

This has been one of those weeks!! One of those weeks where several opportunities seem to peak over the horizon all at once, leaving us wondering which is the ONE that we SHOULD choose? Well, that’s definitely a flawed premise right there! For starters: there is no ONE and there definitely is no SHOULD! When […]

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Sometimes the Unexpected Happens!

by Mindy Kaleta April 17, 2016

Sometimes the Unexpected Happens! It was a day like any other day. Hubby and I were getting ready to go to shopping and I ran upstairs to grab some books, journal, phone, purse to take with me (on our 20 minute trip to the mall)…really? Seriously did I need all that stuff? (I didn’t…and I […]

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When You are Tired of the Struggle

by Mindy Kaleta January 4, 2016

When You are Tired of the Struggle… I don’t know about you, but although 2015 was filled with amazing breakthroughs, dreams realized and decisions made that I had been procrastinating on…I was still learning how to stop the struggle and relax. There were a few curve balls thrown at our family in 2015 that we […]

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Facebook Quizzes: Our Quest to Know Who..TH We Are!

by Mindy Kaleta July 22, 2015

You’ve seen them…those quizzes that come across your feed promising to let you know… What state you should be living in What color represents your personality What character you are in a movie What career is best for you They are super popular right now on Facebook and I admit I love taking the quiz! […]

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Did You Know You Have an Internal On-Board GPS?

by Mindy Kaleta July 8, 2015

We all deserve to have an opinion about what is best for us. Where did we get the idea that other’s opinions carried more weight, were more correct or they even had the right to voice their opinions upon another? Where do we get this stuff? I mean seriously! No one else has the right […]

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It’s LIVE!!!

by Mindy Kaleta July 1, 2015

Oh, my goodness! I’m so excited I can hardly stand it! The long-awaited launch date for Stop Bending Over Backwards Trying to Please has arrived!! I woke up this morning, grabbed my iphone and pulled up Amazon! Typed in my title and there she was!  My beautiful baby in all her innocence and quirky stance […]

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Are You Sacrificing Yourself for Others?

by Mindy Kaleta June 25, 2015

Yesterday morning I saw a beautiful post that went something like this: I have a good heart I help, trust, give and love too much And it always seems I hurt the most.   That was the jest of it, and while it was beautifully portrayed in an image and I believe that in and […]

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Do I Need to Walk Away From Loved Ones to Be Happy?

by Mindy Kaleta May 27, 2015

Do I Need to Walk Away From Loved Ones to Be Happy? Recently I have heard from a few people who are struggling with situations or issues with someone they are close to and love very much. These situations are causing them incredible grief, sadness and frustration. A common thread throughout these types of situations […]

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