Let’s Get to Know One Another! 

Hello!  We are so happy you stopped by! If this is your first time to Ladybug Junction Farm welcome!  If this is a return trip, welcome back!  Either way, we hope your visit brings you friendship, smiles, laughter and joy!

We are Don & Mindy Kaleta, co-founders/directors of Ladybug Junction Farm an upcoming unique educational animal farm and event center focusing on Bringing Kids & Animals together in Friendship through our 3 core valuesREADING, LEARNING & THE LOVE OF BOOKS!.

We aren’t quite there yet, but the farm will offer many opportunities to enrich you at home, work & life!

Here are a few!

The Big Red Reading Barn  Mindy & Don are passionate about children’s literacy. Reading means kids are learning and the application of knowledge is power. Reading with animals in the atmosphere of the great outdoors at Ladybug Junction Farm in “The Big Red Reading Barn” will motivate children to see reading as a fun activity without the embarrassment or fear of reading errors. The animals love being with the kids and are oblivious of any reading mistakes. Reading to animals is one of the best ways to increase confidence and the love of books!  [Learn More About The Big Red Reading Barn/Visits]

Check out our other programs Just 4 Kids

The Exciting Educational Event Center is another popular feature of the farm where classes & workshops are held physically and virtually for your learning experience. Our focus is:

  • Home-Based-Bizness Coaching & Support 
  • Create & Build Your Own Book
  • Yoga & Meditation in the Pasture
  • Arts & Crafts Classes & Workshops
  • And much MORE!

At this time, we are in the process of acquiring property and building our physical location.  But in the meantime, we have a few gifts for you to get this party started!



Mindy’s 5-Day Audio Mini-Series

Short 5 min daily messages for 5 Days to help you…Cut Through the Chaos, Find Your Inner Whoohoo and Just Get Happy! 

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WORK with Mindy

Mindy Kaleta loves the country, barns, animals…and working towards her big beautiful dream. She is home-based-Bizness coach, author and indie-publisher. Her life long dream of working with kids and animals is manifesting as we speak! Mindy believes “Anything is Possible IF You Believe It!”  She has proven that the key to success is really very simple:  1. Know WHO YOU ARE  2. Do what you LOVE with ENTHUSIASM every.single.day.  That’s it!   Mindy is dedicated to living her own ideal life and assisting others to do the same!

Mindy wants to support you in:

– finding your authentic self

– being who you are

– speaking your truth

– and living your dream with enthusiasm!

This has been Mindy’s passion her entire life.  


She calls this Finding Your Way Back Home. 

NOW, she wants to help YOU Find Your Way Back Home and LIVE YOUR DREAM!



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If your dream is to be an enthusiastic and optimistic solopreneur who is so passionate about it that you will do whatever it takes to step into your true authentic self, ready and willing to explore your possibilities through the lens of your own unique personality & mode of operation and offer a service or product for the purpose of making a positive difference in the lives of others and serving the world from the heart…

I Want to Work with YOU!!!

Let me help YOU…FIND Your Way Back Home to yourself and live the dream you’ve always wanted! 


“Know who you are & do what you LOVE with ENTHUSIASM o…every.single.day!”