Patience Please!

by Mindy Kaleta on March 19, 2014


Patience Please!


Have you heard the quote, “Lord give me patience, BUT HURRY!” ???  LOL!!  Well, that seems to be my MO (mode of operation) now days!

See, my husband and I are still…yes, STILL TRYING to sell our house.  And if I were to listen to Yoda…”there is no TRY”…and just SELL the house already…then we would be on our way!! Ha!! Ok, I’m being a little crraaaazzzy today, because we’ve just come out of a busy two weeks of preparing the house and showings that have reaped no results so far! AAayyyhhh!!

Of course we have heard the feedback from the buyers and try not to take things personally…but it’s tough sometimes! You do your best to make sure that the house is perfect and we know from experience of looking at homes to buy ourselves that people’s tastes are different.  So even though you’ve done your best and worked hard, it just may not be the house for this particular buyer.  We don’t know their circumstances or their wish list and you can’t please everyone.

But we are super eager to sell and continue on, trying to be patient, but patience seems to be running thin. It’s Spring and we want to get going and so we are diligently stepping up to the plate with each showing request and doing our best to stay calm.

A great quote from Louise Hay says,

“All is well. Everything I need comes to me at the perfect moment.”

I hear that I am to be…patient with the process of life and know that “Everything is happening as it should”. I am to TRUST the process.

When we are impatient, it certainly doesn’t help, because it only throws us (well mainly me!) into a cycle of doubt, frustration, disappointment and despair that we will never reach our dream home! Maybe there is something for us to learn here.  Maybe there are issues that we need to take care of before we move on to our next place OR this just may be our chance to PRACTICE our PATIENCE!

I keep thinking that maybe the right house for us just hasn’t come up on the market yet, or the buyers who are meant for our home have not started their search!  We don’t know exactly what the reasoning is that we are in this situation, but what we do know is that several things that we were asking for have come about while we were waiting that does make the selling process a bit easier such as, having the time to get a little better situated financially with unexpected funds coming our way to be able to replenish our savings, time to do some needed repairs and warmer temps so we don’t have to move in the snow!

So, you see, things happen for a reason.  I’m declaring today that I choose to see this as a blessing and know that the house that is meant for us is “in the process” and that when we do get that buyer…it will be one that is tickled pink and super excited to make it their home!  And when that happens…our home will appear!  Don and I have asked that our next home be “so us” that we are skipping and dancing all the way to it with the moving trucks in tow and that we will KNOW without a shadow of a doubt, that this is the home that was waiting for us!

If you’ve been a little impatient lately, I get it…I really do!  But take a bit of time to count the blessings that come with NOT getting what you want right away…Yes, I I promise, there will be some!…and declare YOUR intention while you wait…P-A-T-I-E-N-T-L-Y.

I would love to hear YOUR story with impatience!  Please join me on my facebook page!  I’ll see you there!






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