Someday, You’re Gonna Be Happy Again

by Mindy Kaleta on December 2, 2014

-Someday, you're gonna be happy again.- (1)

Attorney“You’re gonna get over this. You will, Frances. Someday, you’re gonna be happy again.”


Those words rang in her ears, but she didn’t believe them. Not yet. Sitting in her attorney’s office, Frances had just recently found out that her husband wanted a divorce. But if that wasn’t bad enough, he wanted the house, the one they used her mother’s money to renovate.  As hard as it was to give him the house, allowing him to have it would put some much needed money in her pocket until she could get on her feet.

Devastated, lost and soon to be homeless, Frances just nods her head in surrendered compliance…“Right”.

Would she get over this?  Would she be happy again?  It seemed to her an impossibility.  Nothing could make this better. As she prepared to leave, she picked upNothing could scoop her up again and send her on her merry way.  While the movers were identifying items she wanted packed from the house to go, she realized that she didn’t want anything. Everything was tainted with the pain of her lost love.  She felt his overbearing darkness and presence artwork and in the furniture that they had shared and now was not hers anymore. Betrayed and abandoned, with only three lonely boxes of books, she declared the movers “done”.  As she prepared to leave, she picked up the vase from the table, plucked the flowers from it and tossed them aimlessly onto the floor.  She felt tossed from her life, her love and her home, and pouring the water from the vase as she exited was her last revenge.

Whether it’s a loss of a marriage, relationship, friendship, health, home, employment, money…whatever it is…you can be happy again.  If you don’t believe that just yet, that’s ok, in time you will, you’ll see.  They say that “time heals all wounds”.  I believe that’s true.  But for me, the affirmation I’ve used through the lowest times of my life has been, “love will heal my world.”  Love is the only thing that can. If you can learn to let love rule, no matter what you are facing or have faced in your life, “someday, you’re gonna be happy again.”

When Frances’ divorce became final, Patti and her partner surprised her with a celebration dinner and a complimentary trip to Tuscany.  Frances was not inspired to go anywhere after living in “camp divorce with all those losers”, as Patti described it. But soon, Frances realized that she really did need to get away and that maybe the trip would do her good.  She took the first brave step into her new life. She was looking for a 2nd chance and stepped out of the comfort zone of her depressing and cold bachelor pad at “camp divorce” in hopes of finding her life again. (My reflections from watching over and over again a segment from Under the Tuscan Sun, the Movie all rights reserved)

Do you believe in 2nd chances?  Do you need to take a first brave step?  What could you do to step out of your comfort zone, in search of finding your life again?  Give it some serious thought.  Put it in writing or share these questions with a trusted friend.  I can tell you from experience that 2nd chances do exist!  As Frances says, “Good things can happen, even late in the game.  It’s such a surprise!”

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“Life offers us a thousand chances, all you have to do is take one!” – Under the Tuscan Sun

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