Sometimes the Unexpected Happens!

by Mindy Kaleta on April 17, 2016

1Broken HandSometimes the Unexpected Happens!

It was a day like any other day.

Hubby and I were getting ready to go to shopping and I ran upstairs to grab some books, journal, phone, purse to take with me (on our 20 minute trip to the mall)…really? Seriously did I need all that stuff? (I didn’t…and I will come back to that later!)

At the top of the stairs, large dog in the way, thinking I can just step on over him and run down the stairs, no problem!

Seconds later, feeling myself flying (yes flying down about four steps!) and landing on my knees with my feet behind me, holding up all my stuff and bouncing down the remaining stairs!

Grasping with my left hand trying to catch myself from falling face first into an antique cabinet at the bottom of the stairs, my pinkie finger got caught on the bracket for the railing.  Ouch!

Got to the bottom of the stairs and taking note of how I was doing…and felt pretty much okay…except when I looked at my left hand, with pinkie finger sticking out to the left farther than usual I thought, that just doesn’t seem right!

To  make a long story short, found out later that day (after shopping and applying essential oils to keep the discomfort and swelling down) that I had broken the bone in the my hand just above the pinkie finger and it was displaced requiring surgery and pins.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Well, I’ve learned a lot from this experience!

Here’s a quick list that I can share with you NOW!

  1. You really don’t need that much baggage just to go shopping
  2. For safety’s sake, (your pet and yourself) require a free walkway
  3. No matter how many plans you have going and goals you want to reach, there might be detours along the way
  4. There’s a lesson in everything
  5. Learning to see the lesson without resistance creates wonderful opportunities going forward!

Before my Accident

I was really cookin’ on a new program for all of you!  I had gathered my dream team.  There was a lot of energy around it.  We were ready to rock it!

Then the fall.

As a result, I was forced to take a look at a few things.

  • You aren’t invincible!
  • Are you taking good care of yourself?
  • Will you put your self-care last while you are working so hard on this project?
  • Does it have to be perfect?
  • Are you working on Divine Timing or pushing this through on your own?

Wow!  I mean seriously, with something as simple as one broken finger it was exhausting to just dress myself!

I became very resourceful! Using other parts of my body to accomplish what I needed to do and asking for help from others as well.

ASKING FOR HELP!  That was my most difficult thing I needed to learn.


Sometimes, especially those of us who are “people pleasers” who take care of other’s needs before our own on a regular basis, it’s a true EGO breaker when you finally have to Ask for Help!

Believe me, I spent many hours weeping over the fact that I just couldn’t do it all by myself. (that Type A…I can do it myself attitude…)


So, I know I’ve been hiding away a bit, but to be honest, I was going through a major transformation which I will share more of as I get back into posting more.  (more when I have something great to share and that will serve you and not just to get a blog post out! Another revelation as a result of this!)

My wish for us all going forward is to have more meaningful posts, get clear on how I can assist you in living the life that you long for!

My new focus is “live your dream…Your Life is NOW!!”  It’s wonderful when we have a dream and it seems so luscious and juicy! But…

if we don’t allow that dream to come, we will be stuck in the thought of the dream and never realize it.  What a tragedy that would be. 

It’s been almost three months since my accident.

I am able to type now, which makes me very happy!

Range of motion and strength training still an ongoing process, but so grateful for the people who took good care of me along the way!

Thank you for your patience! And please share with me what your needs are…how I can help you more in the weeks, months to come! I’m listening!

With much love & gratitude!

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