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Women lead busy lives…

and they need a Simple & Easy system!


Wanting to write your book, but need some help with editing?

Is your book complete but now looking for the best way to get your BOOK published without breaking the bank?

Once your book is done, do you need help getting it out to your audience?

You are in the right place! 

Most people love the writing process but feel confused when it comes to editing, publishing and marketing!

Where to go for editing, who to publish with &  branding for your audience?

And what about all that technical stuff?  It’s like “LIONS AND TIGERS AND BEARS…Oh MY!!!”

But you needn’t worry. We’ve got a system that promises to be

“Focused, Simple, Easy Self-Publishing!  

Complete with a personal – Create & Publish Your BOOK Coach!

Step-by-Step through the process without the overwhelm!


Coming Soon!


YOUR (2)


What do I do first?

What information do I have to assemble to ensure a smooth process?

What do I need to submit my manuscript, images and how do I put that altogether?

This Starter Kit answers all those questions…and more!

Videos and Power Point presentation with downloadable and printable handouts!

All you will need to create, organize, gather and submit your book to Create Space & Kindle!

Stay tuned for More Information! 


TOGETHER….we CAN do this!

You can be a Published Author in 30-90 days!

It’s well within your reach and completely up to you!

Are you ready?

Let’s do it!


If you just can’t wait…let’s connect!

OR click here and tell me how I can help you become a published author in less than 90 days!

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