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Start Your Own Blog

Servicing Others With Your Blog and Make Money TOO!

Always wanted to be able to work from home, raise your family and be there for them and also help with the family income?  Me too!  The very thought of getting up and going to a job, dragging the kids to a sitter or leaving my beloved pets at home all day by themselves was NOT my idea of a fun time!

I’ve left kids clinging to the storm door of my sitter’s house crying for me not to leave (not because she was a bad sitter, but that he just wanted to stay home with me), having to put my dogs in a safe area or kennel for way too many hours (which I don’t like at all, but necessary sometimes) and driving through bumper to bumper traffic and like a postal worker through rain, sleet and snow too many times than I can count.  And everyday that I was doing the 9-5 job, I was conspiring to be able to work from home!

I’ve worked from home at various stages of my life and enjoyed financial success at different times.  It CAN be done!  And those were the times when I really felt that I was “doing what makes me happy!”  And YOU can too!

What’s Your Dream Job?

What would you do if you absolutely didn’t NEED the money?  What would light your fire?  Is there a product that you absolutely love and that you are constantly telling others about?  Do you have a skill that you could teach or provide to others in solving a problem?  Do you have a hobby that you never thought could provide an income but possibly could? (How awesome would that be!!)

Take some time and make a list of opportunities that would fit the description, “Things I love to do!”  Then let your imagination go wild thinking of problems to solve for others with those opportunities.  For example:  I always loved hanging out with dogs.  I also had a burden for helping to ease the problem of families giving up on their dogs due to behavioral problems.  So, I set out to become a dog trainer and opened my own dog training facility out of my barn!  While it was very lucrative for a few years, I could have touched a lot more people if I had been able to have an online outlet as well…hence a BLOG!

Just think of the exposure a blog can bring to YOUR passion or service!

I don’t have my training center anymore, but my husband and I have written books and published them and are reaching many more families than ever with our blog, Puppy Scents, The Kids’ Guide to Puppy Care and social media!  You don’t have to have a “brick & mortar” building to be able to reach the masses with your dream!

 So What Is It For You?

What do you love?

  • Gardening?
  • Motorcycles?
  • Dogs, Cats, Pocket Pets?
  • Children?
  • Home Decorating?
  • Healthy & Wellness?
  • Business?
  • There’s a million things that you could love AND be good at!

 Choose something NOW!  Move closer to your dream of working from home and bring YOUR gifts to the WORLD!!

But…you say…I don’t have a clue how to set up my own blog!  It’s too confusing!

Well, that’s where I can help YOU!

I was a bit confused too when I started, but someone was there to help me…and I want to pay it forward!

Let me tell you what you will need:

  • A Self-Hosted WordPress blog and NOT one of the free ones such as, or  Why? Because if you set your blog up on one of the free ones, and you are a business, you will get shut down as soon as they realize you are trying to monetize from your blog and all your hard work will be gone!  And we don’t want that!
  • You will need to set up your resources for the initial set up and customization. I can help you with that!

So how do you get started?

Here’s your next step!

Sign Up for “Start Your Own Blog” Coaching! And Start blogging NOW!!

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