Terrible Ideas…Don’t you just Love Those?

by Mindy Kaleta on August 20, 2013

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Terrible Ideas…Don’t you just Love Those?


“Terrible ideas are like play ground scapegoats. Given the right encouragement, they grow up to be geniuses!  Take one of your terrible ideas, and work on it.”  Frances Mayes in Under the Tuscan Sun the movie

This was the advice Frances gave to her young writing student, after the first draft of his book. He took her advice and it changed everything.  He discovered his Masterpiece .

Terrible ideas….hmmmm…how many times do we…

  • give up because we get negative feedback
  • chuck it…when our first attempts to launch it turns sour
  • get discouraged because of the self-critical messages playing in our heads
  • discard a desired change because it just doesn’t make sense

What if…we start believing that…

  • our ideas and dreams are viable and possible
  • just because it doesn’t make sense now doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea
  • we are the only ones who know in our core what is best for us
  • those self-critical messages that keep playing in our heads can be changed into ones of empowerment

So, the next time you have one of those “terrible ideas”, don’t discard it!  Before throwing it out there, give it some careful, loving thought.  It just might be YOUR next Masterpiece!

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Disclaimer:  The review and commentary of the movie, Under the Tuscan Sun is done purely for educational purposes only.  It is not my intent to infringe on any copyright law and only wish to enhance, bring attention to and feature this beautiful film and its many life lessons. It is my intent and hope that women everywhere are  enriched by my reflections of this film and are inspired to purchase, view and enjoy this movie over and over again .  (Under The Tuscan Sun, all rights reserved)




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