The Challenges Of Working From Home

by Mindy Kaleta on September 30, 2013

Desk in the office

The Challenges Of Working From Home


Working from home can be challenging at times.  Finding the right space, how to integrate it into the family routine, keeping your focus and staying on task.  OR…if you are like me…with a big tendency to be a “work-a-holic”, taking the time for regular breaks for rest, food and to go potty must be dealt with daily.

But working from home has always been my dream.  I spent many years working in corporate America, schools, churches, doctor’s offices, insurance companies, nursing facilities, retail and a wellness center.  Thrown in there between jobs, I would try to convince my employer to allow me to work as much as possible from home, but with not much success.  That was before it was popular and common for people to work from home and oh, how I would dream that some day…some day…it would be possible.

Then one day when my youngest daughter was little, I decided that she needed me to be a mother who was more available.  She required a lot more attention than a full-time working mother could give.  Luckily, I was approached by a former  employer to transcribe recorded statements in insurance claims cases from home and I was on my way!  I was able to form my own company, hired another transcriber and together from a bedroom in my home, I was able to set up my office and work from home.

Figuring out what we would need, getting the right equipment, determining hours (or not), when to shut the door, being available for my daughter and my other three children when they got home from school, homework time, dinner time, breakfast and getting them out the door for school time…wow…it makes my head spin just to think of it!

But I would do it again…definitely!  Because there’s nothing better than being able to BE THERE for your kids.  Yes, at times, even though I was there…my mind was not there. But that’s to be expected at times.  We aren’t perfect. But we all try to do the best that we can. And in my case, it was better that I BE THERE…than to be in rush hour traffic, stuck at work doing overtime, or working when my kids were sick. 

How about you?  Are you working in a traditional job and wishing you were home?  Do you spend hours at work unable to focus on your job because you are thinking about your children?  Do you feel guilty at work, guilty at home and can’t seem to make peace with it all? 

Or maybe you don’t have children or your kids are grown, but you still have to drag yourself to work every day?  You long for something more, feeling that that the many hours that you spend commuting to work, time at work and time trying to get home at night just isn’t worth it?

Do you have a yearning to find your inner purpose?  If your present job is not it…eager to discover what your inner purpose is and to follow your heart?  I mean seriously, when was the last time you asked yourself, what does my heart tell me I am here to do?  What is my divine life’s purpose and how am I here to serve others?

These are the questions that you will want to explore.  I’ve always known that I was meant to work from home. Every bone in my body would ache with that knowing every time I tried to go the conventional route and I would find myself disenchanted and miserable.  Although I knew that I needed to take a traditional employment for a time, I always came out of those experiences wiser and having learned a little more about myself and others. 





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