The Delightfulness of Animals

by Mindy Kaleta on November 19, 2016

DSC00287Just a short note for your Sunday…

Animals and “delightfulness” just go together!  It’s such a true match to the magical, joyous and loving characteristics of animals.  I am amazed every day at the simplicity of the lives of animals; how they are always in the present moment, ways in which they show unconditional love and how they don’t much sweat the small stuff!

All they need in any given moment is a kind word, a soft touch, a smile and the necessities of life like food, shelter & water.  That’s all it takes for them to be happy.  I want to be more like them!

I stumbled across an article I had printed out and saved from my friend Ming Chee of Reiki Furbabies about how animals relate to us as humans.  In her article, she says,


“Animals want to help you, bring you joy and love, and help enhance your connection to nature and the Divine.

Love and cherish them while they are with you as full as you can.

Take good care of them, for they want to take good care of you.” 


Animals just make me smile.  Near my home a few years back, there was a house high up on a hill with a large gorgeous pond where many wild geese called home. I could be in the worst mood ever over my hectic life as a Mom of four kids and four dogs and three businesses at home to run. But if I could just take a break and drive up towards that property, the wild geese would be everywhere, wild eyed and happy, sticking their faces into your car windows as if to say, “Hey, how are you doing today?”  It would always put a smile on my face and make me giggle as I soon forgot the tensions of my day!

There is nothing better than a litter of 6 week old puppies running across your lap as you sit on the floor to play or kittens who want to crawl up your pants legs with their constant meows that melt your heart to take away the thoughts of that stressful business meeting you just left.  Animals just make life worth it!

Maybe you are feeling a bit lonely this time of year?  There are many animals who are feeling lonely too!April 2010 027

May I suggest that you may want to consider opening your heart and your home to rescue one of those furry or feathered bundles of joy who are waiting in shelters, sanctuaries or other rescues across the country right now.

It could just turn out to be your best holiday season ever; for YOU and one lucky dog, cat or other animal waiting for their forever family and home!

Lonely Dog at the shelter


If it’s not a good time to adopt right now, you may want to consider donating to a sanctuary, rescue or shelter to help in the daily expenses they have in caring for these precious furkids until they find their forever family.

It would raise your spirits and

maybe return the favor of putting a smile on the face of a precious animal this holiday season! 

Wishing you the best holiday season ever! 





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