Turn YOUR Dreams into Reality!

by Mindy Kaleta on October 5, 2017

Attention all dreamers and solo-preneurs!

You have a dream, a message, a product or a service…

it’s something you love that is so big and beautiful you want to share it with the world…

but you don’t know where to start or how to do it without shaking in your shoes and feeling scared out of your wits!

I may have something that will help. 

Up to now, you’ve been working on your message, product or service…but a few things come up that have kept you hiding away; not getting the word out about who you are, what you do or why you do it.


You ask yourself:

“Why would anyone work with me…they don’t even know me!”

“I’m sure there are many other people out there doing the same thing.”

“Maybe I need to add more to my products, services or message!”

“Why am I even doing this anyway…it’s never going to work…I’m just not good enough!”

And on and on it goes!

I know, I’ve been there!

It can be a rabbit hole you stay in for YEARS….(I really know…cuz 10 years is A LOT of time to hide your dream! Remind me to tell you about that someday!)


But one day, I just started sharing…

…many of you know my husband Don and I have a dream…we are determined to realize!  It’s a dream so big and so strong…we can’t quit thinking about it.

It’s our upcoming farm;  Ladybug Junction Farm.  And if you’ve not heard of it, I invite you to take a look on FB or go to our website ladybugjunctionfarm.com

and there’s lots of info about what we are planning and doing!


Let me tell you a story.


We were out looking for property to bring our farm to life when we decided to go to an open house.

As we were looking around the home inside and out, we got more excited! It was a gorgeous place and had many of the amenities we were looking for!

We started sharing with the Realtor at the open house what we wanted to do with the farm.

We were excited just telling her all the cool stuff we were going to offer at the farm and then SHE started to get excited!  (If that’s ever happened to you, you know what I’m talking about! At last! Someone was as excited about who we were and what we do and why we do it as WE ARE!  Eeeekkk!!!)


What she said next made a major impact on us and I discovered why we were not seeing much movement forward in realizing the farm…like right here, right now!

Here’s what she said: “Where have you been?  Why don’t we all know about this?”

The answer I gave her was… “Uh…I have been working on it by myself in my office”…(kind of crazy huh?)

To which she replied, “You need to tell people about this idea of yours! Once you do, and they see your enthusiasm, they will get behind you!”


And so, we did!

We started telling everyone…I called it declaring it and sharing it.  The enthusiasm and movement forward increased with each person we shared it with!

The farm was just so much fun to talk about. Why? Because it is something we dearly love! Everything about the farm, we can’t wait to experience!

It is truly who we are!  It resonates with every cell of our being and we KNOW this is what we are here to do.  Not only for ourselves (and that’s a big part of knowing what you have to share with the world) but also the enjoyment, fun and difference the farm is going to make in the lives of all who visit us!


Do you have a message, a product or a service YOU can’t stop thinking about?

Are you that excited about what you do?


If you are, I invite you to take advantage of my video podcast series:

Speak your Truth, Tell your Story and within the comfort of a personal interview between me and you…chatting online over your favorite beverage…about who you are, what you do and why you do it, you will have a video to share with potential customers/clients to pave the way for them to get to know you and want to work with YOU! [learn more]


If you have a dream…but, still feel the need to create some enthusiasm around it, then you will want to schedule a 15 minute FREE session with me to give your dream some fire to ignite it forward! [learn more]


If you don’t feel compelled to DO anything, TAKE anything to the world…that’s okay too! I’m all about knowing who you are and loving what you do every…single…day!  All I ask is that you listen to your heart and follow the guidance you receive from that still small voice that’s been trying to get your attention. And if it’s to take it down a notch and spend some much needed rejuvenation time…that’s exactly what you should do. Learn to honor yourself and listen for the whispers of your heart!


BUT…if  YOU are ready to…Declare it and Share it;

let me know and I would be happy to help you




Until next time…




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