What Is Your Vibrational Essence?

by Mindy Kaleta on February 26, 2014

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What Is Your Vibrational Essence?


Did you know that we all have the ability and every day send off a powerful vibration that is in direct correlation to how we are feeling, what we believe and everything that is coming into our future?  How we are vibrating NOW determines what we will see tomorrow, or next week or next month.  OK, before you think I’m getting all woowoo or crazy here, let me explain!

 You can actually sense it!

Haven’t you ever walked into a room and could sense the tension so much you could cut it with a knife?  I mean, either it was the vibration of the room or a particular person, but you just knew, it was going to be an uncomfortable gathering!  Most people don’t know that they are giving this stuff off.  But if you are one of the sensitive ones who can feel that, you are most often on target every time with your feeling.

But some people put this vibration off…pretty much on purpose. They know that it can intimidate others and they use it to their advantage. I mean, it works for them and they always seem to get what they want.

Now, you can use this gift of “vibration” for good as well. Such as:

  • Knowing how you are wired and using your strengths and what you do best to create the life that you are wanting
  • Staying in that good feeling place because when you aren’t in that good feeling place you are out of alignment with who you really are
  • Practice approaching each and every day with the belief that you will tend to your own vibration, no matter what anyone else is doing, and keep it as high as you possibly can  to ensure that your “tomorrow” will be the wonderful reflection of what you allowed your vibration to be today

Ok, so maybe this sounds a bit technical.  Let me share with you a simpler way to describe this.

Source wants to give all good things to us!  And whether you call it God, Source, the Universe, or whatever…there is one thread that runs through it all.

“Life is supposed to be good for you.  You live, whether you know it or not…you live as the full recipients of a hurricane of grace that is flowing toward you, at all times, in answer to all that you have been asking for.  Not one of you has been separated out as one who should not be the receiver of it.  All of you are in the full flow of this hurricane of Well-Being. ” – Abraham


And you ask, how do I check in with that?  How do I get myself into that good feeling place when things are going so wrong for me?

“Look for things to appreciate, even if there aren’t that many.  Look for things to feel good about, even if there are more things to feel bad about. Give your attention, as best you can, to the best things that are going on in your experience, with the determination to train yourself into the best-feeling Vibration that you can find right here and now.” – Abraham

For you see, whatever we give our attention to EXPANDS!  Whatever we think about, talk about and hash over and over in our minds…will continue to SHOW UP in your life day after day.   Your thoughts today, create your reality tomorrow. Now, that’s good to know, since you DO have control over your thoughts and what you talk about in any given moment. Oh, yes, thoughts will arise without you thinking you have control, but only because you have trained yourself into thinking those thoughts. But you have the ability to change that.  It’s only a thought.  It will only become a belief…if you keep thinking it.  And once you have fostered a belief…it will take some new thinking to change that thought into another belief.

It’s Really Very Simple, It’s Not Complicated

Be easy with yourself.  Love yourself as you would a son or a daughter.  Give yourself a break!  But if you can find some hope in the fact that YOU are in control of YOUR Vibrational Essence and how YOU come across to others and what YOU are creating in your life…THEN…YOU will see good things coming to you from every turn.  Life is supposed to be fun!

BUT, you say…the people in my life and my situation is different.  They aren’t tending to their Vibrational Essence, so mine is all screwed up! Here’s what Abraham has to say about this:

“When you say to someone, ‘I need you to be always in alignment with who-you-really-are so that when I look at you, I am then in alignment with who-I am’, you’re asking the impossible.” – Abraham

You have no control over what anyone else is doing.  AND there are too many moving parts!  And it would drive you insane trying to control it all. (some of this may sound familiar already, especially when it comes to our spouses, kids or extended family and friends!)

No one else on the planet can give you what you need in any given moment. Source is your lifeline.  Tune yourself to Source, God, Love and leave everyone else out of the equation.  Say more often,

“It’s not your job to be in alignment in order for me to feel good.  It’s my job to look around my environment – past, present, and future – for thing that line me up with who-I-really am.” – Abraham

Train yourself to the best feeling and Vibrational Essence that you can in any given moment. And don’t allow anyone else to smear it!  Or as they say, “Don’t let anyone dull your SPARKLE!”

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Disclaimer:  All quotes from The Vortex, by Esther and Jerry Hicks, The Teachings of Abraham are the sole property and copyright by Esther and Jerry Hicks, all rights reserved.



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