VIP Book Builder Express Program



VIP Book Builder Express Program

for Writers who want a step-by-step approach

with a private coach at your side


Welcome to VIP Book.Builder.Express Program!

So…I hear you have a great idea and a manuscript for a book and you are eager to learn how to get it published? Fantastic!

Most writers find that once they decide to go full steam ahead to create & publish their book, the publishing process starts to feel a bit overwhelming! You may feel like that too.

We here at Book.Builder.Express are ready to take you through the process step-by-step, explain each step of the way, why it’s important and make it as simple and easy as possible. In other words, we’ve got your back!

You see, we’ve been where you are! Back in 2010…we were doing exactly what you are doing now. We had an awesome idea for a book and we experienced every challenge you may be facing today. So, we know how you feel right now. But the good news is, since we lived through it and went on to not only write & publish more books of our own, but also the books of others, we are equipped to help you get your book created, ready to publish and launch on

So…are you game?  If this book won’t let go of you…if you can’t stop thinking about it…it’s time to take steps to make that dream a reality!

This VIP Book Builder Express Program is a VIP coaching program to take private clients through the process to Create, Build, Prepare & Publish your own book through the self-publishing platform of Amazon’s CreateSpace & Kindle.

This program includes:

Book Project Management

Access to VIP Private Coaching via phone, email &

Personalized coaching and assistance through the entire book creation process:

  • Book Manuscript Creation Assistance
  • Book Building, Mapping & Organization
  • Private coaching step-by-step in the various pages and components of a book format
  • Creation & Building of the book manuscript interior into a Word document
  • Explanation of:
    • Overview of book process
    • Mindset
    • First Things First; Be Clear!
    • Using the TemplateStorybook Mapping – Basic Book Layout
    • Additional Pages & Components
      • Title, Copyright, Dedication, How to Use, About Author, Back Cover
      • Fonts, Colors, Brand
      • Images
      • ISBN numbers
      • Bar codes

Custom Interior

  • Print Ready Paperback file
  • Digital Ebook/Kindle
  • PDF Version

Custom Cover

  • Custom cover design
  • Print Ready Paperback Cover
  • Digital Ebook/Kindle

Proofreading/Proofing/Editing (by our editing team)

  • Basic Spelling/Grammar/Typographical Errors
  • Check for Style, Structure, Ton & Flow available
  • Verification of facts, figures or quotes cited NOT INCLUDED

Preparation & Format of Your Book File (done by our production team)

  • Preparation of the file for CreateSpace & Kindle systems
  • Formatting the files in accordance with the guidelines required for both paperback and digital
  • Troubleshooting Assistance for errors when the file is uploaded to CreateSpace & Kindle systems
  • Ensure the file is accepted and approved by the CreateSpace & Kindle systems

CreateSpace/Kindle Account Set-Up 

  • Creation of your CreateSpace & Kindle accounts
  • Completing all required information for your book project within CS & Kindle
  • Overseeing the successful submission, acceptance and approval of interior and cover files

Bowker/My Identifier Account Creation  

  • Creation of your MyIdentifier account
  • Choosing the right ISBN package for you
  • Entering your book title information into the system
  • ISBN is sold separately @ MyIdentifier


Who would NOT be a good candidate for the VIP Book Builder Express Program?

  • Those whose book is only an idea
  • Those who have not started writing the book or don’t have any real visible content
  • Those who are not committed to finishing the book within a reasonable time period. (suggested time frame 90-120 days)
  • Those who are not willing to stay on task to complete assignments as needed.


Who WOULD be a good candidate for the VIP Book Builder Express Program?

Writers who are eager and ready to share their story!

Because of the complexity of creating, building & self-publishing a book, a 45 min to 1 hour consultation is required to…

  • discuss your book project and your overall purpose and vision for your book

  • identify the publishing services you need and want

  • see if You and Kaleta Publishing Services are a good fit for your unique book project


Please Note:  We can only take a limited amount of projects per year. Book projects are subject to submission of your manuscript and a free book consultation call to discuss your book project and your vision for this book.  We then will review your submission and call notes.  You will be notified of our decision for acceptance of  your submission within 1 week.


To schedule your FREE consultation call, CLICK HERE or send an email to and say…

“Let me tell you about my book project and my vision for it! When can we chat?”


Thank you for considering Kaleta Publishing Services for your self-publishing needs! We look forward to hearing from you!

Take care,

Mindy J Kaleta, Book Project Manager