Health & Wellness – The Second of Three Core Values at Ladybug Junction Farm

by Mindy Kaleta on May 25, 2017

Health & Wellness

“A state of health, happiness and prosperity”

Health & Wellness – the second of our three core values at Ladybug Junction Farm is one that is near and dear to our hearts.

Both Don and I are committed to acquiring the best state of health, happiness and propsperity of people & animals and providing the best envvironment we can for ourselves, our animal family and the people who visit.

The Health & Wellness Adult Classes & Workshops:

We are eagerly seeking and looking forward to providing classes, workshops and events that contribute to the “state of health, happiness and prosperity physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  We believe that when we are in a state of health & wellness, we are able to live our best life.


Here are some of the activities and topics we would like to see at the farm: 

  • Yoga, Qigong and Tai Chi  in the Pasture
  • The Health Benefits of a Plant Based Diet
  • Health, Nutrition and Cooking Classes for Adults & Kids
  • The Benefits and Importance of Meditation
  • Natural Remedies and Nature’s Farmacy
  • How the Human/Animal Connection Brings Peace to the Soul
  • The Healing Properties of Essential Oils for People & Animals
  • Music Therapy to Reduce Agitation, Improve Sleep/Mood and Lower Stress and Anxiety
  • and Much MORE!


A HappySafePlace to Call Home Program:

This is a resource, connection & support to all who selflessly serve humanity & animals AND to offer educational & self-care resources to help take care of YOU so you can continue to do the work you do for the long haul.

I was inspired by Nathan Runkle while listening to one of his interviews…that we as caregivers, advocates or activists…MUST include SELF-CARE and NURTURING. He himself practices self-care daily in the forms of meditation, yoga, celebration of the small and large successes, laughing and living a complete life.

TAKING CARE OF YOU, is the best thing you can do to continue to TAKE CARE OF THEM.

Within any position of caregiving whether it be serving humans or animals, there are times when you as the caretaker, need a “soft place to land”, express your concerns, issues or situations to those who totally understand where you are coming from – other caretakers. We want to be that place for you.  [LEARN MORE and join our Facebook Group]

As we get closer to the actualization of the farm…

we will be sending out a list of activities, classes and workshops that are available. In the meantime, if you would like to be a part of our Health & Wellness programs, please contact Don & Mindy and let them know how you would like to contribute and support.  We would be so excited to talk about what you have to offer!  [Contact Us]


At Ladybug Junction Farm…

…we will be introducing new and fun ways to encourage and support these programs with various activities and events.


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