Why Can’t I Just Work From Home?

by Mindy Kaleta on February 3, 2014


Why Can’t I Just Work From Home?


This was my question day in and day out while working in corporate America!  I just couldn’t see the purpose of getting up and going to a J.O.B.!!  Maybe it was because the positions that I had were just to “get by”…”bring in some extra income”…”to be able to pay the bills”…or any number of other reasons why someone would look for employment.

I mean, I’m in no way a slacker (ask anyone who knows me, I tend to be a work-a-holic if not kept in check!), but I really have to have “purpose” in what I’m spending my time on, or it won’t hold my interest for very long and I will be wanting to bail.

I should have caught the “entrepreneurial bug” sooner rather than later or kept it instead of bouncing back and forth in and out of the job market, but hindsight is always 20/20…as they say.

When I was working outside the home, I would be wishing I was at home. When I was at home, I would feel guilty that I had to call off.  It was a constant struggle of loyalty.  And for cryin’ out loud, there shouldn’t be that kind of struggle when you are talking about staying home with a sick child as well as giving your best to your career!

And so, I explored my options (many times) and opted “for awhile” to take a job, even if it wasn’t really what I wanted to be doing.  But hey, it helped the family income. And then I also explored other options and started my own home based business (a few times!) in my areas of experience or expertise that also gave me the opportunity to stay home, raise my kids and be available for them as well.

But what about being able to stay home…(dare I say it?)…AND to Do What You Love?  Well, you say, that’s probably not going to happen.  I mean, you could do something you love as a hobby, but it’s never going to bring in enough to replace a regular J.O.B.!  Really?  What if you could do what you loveand it also could bring in the funds that you need?

Funds to pay off those credit cards that are keeping you feeling tied down…funds to pay for the much needed car…funds for the kid’s orthodontist…funds to take a family vacation!  Or maybe you are a single mom, the sole bread winner and you have kids that need you to be home with them.  Whatever your situation is, there are options available to you.

But first you need to ask yourself, what could I do, that I love and would allow me the income to quit my J.O.B. and work from home?

It’s possible…I’ve done it.  And I am working on my new dream as we speak. What’s YOUR dream home based career?  Write down some ideas.  Google them.  See what others are doing to spark some creative juices!  Have fun with it!  It doesn’t cost you anything to dream. And it just might be the first step to your freedom!



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